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AIUB COMPUTER CLUB (ACC) Organized a Virtual Workshop On ‘Logo Design’

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AIUB Computer Club organized a workshop on ‘Logo Design‘ on 17th July, 2021 for its members as well as other members of the different clubs of AIUB. The workshop intended to make the attendees familiar with the logo designing process to give them guidance in their branding journey. The workshop was conducted by the Former President of AIUB Computer Club, Faad Sharukh SiddiqueFounder, Project Octave using the online platform ‘Google Meet’.

Abrar Rafid, President, AIUB Computer Club started the workshop as a host and inaugurated the event at 7:30 pm by introducing the speaker Faad Sharukh Siddique. Then Mr. Siddique started the session by stating the importance of a logo for a company with a brief definition of the logo. He then introduced everyone to the different kinds of logos we see in today’s world. Then he took his time to give an overt presentation on the process of creating a successful logo. The participants came to know about brainstorming, research and strategy, and different aspect of designing a logo from his session. Mr. Siddique made the session interactive by encouraging the participants to create a sketch in a selected topic instantly which got a huge response. Finally, he finished the session by showing some examples of famous logo and their philosophy behind them. Mr. Siddique welcomed questions from attendees in the last to clear their doubts and query. In the end, Abhijit Bhowmik, Associate Professor and Special Asst., Office of Student Affairs, AIUB, graced the session with his presence and gave some advice for those who want to pursue a career in logo designing.

The workshop got immense response from a huge number of members of the AIUB Computer Club along with participants from AIUB Film Club, AIUB Oratory Club, AIUB Somoy Club, AIUB Arts Club, AIUB Drama Club, AIUB Community of Engineering Students. Nearly 70 students joined the session. Mr. Rafid concluded the workshop by thanking all the attendees for their response.