former committees

Session: Summer '22 - Summer '23

The executive body of Summer ’22 – Summer ’23, played a pivotal role in the success and growth of the club. Throughout their journey, they organized a wide range of activities, events, and workshops that left an indelible mark on the club’s legacy. The executive board arranged mega events like “AIUB Cyber Gaming Fest 2022” at national level for the gaming enthusiasts, and annual events like “Jarvis 4.0- Intra ACC Carnival 2023” to keep the club members more engaged to it. The Former Executive Committee was also very aware of arranging effective workshops like “ICT Awareness and Seminar Program on Cyber Security”, “Network Career Journey”, “Rising Gaming Industry in Bangladesh” by Riseup Labs, “Quality Assurance Essentials: The Workflow and Activities” etc. for the advancement of the club members as well as the students of AIUB. Their efforts in organizing impactful events, workshops, and encouraging participation in external activities have undoubtedly contributed to the progress of the club.

Session: Summer '21 - Summer '22

The executive body that oversaw that club’s operations Summer ’21- Summer ’22 worked relentlessly and gave their valuable time to keep the club activities alive. The committee organized annual events such as ‘JARVIS 3.0’ as well as the 2020-21 Viva for Recruitment & their Orientation Ceremony exclusively online. They also arranged virtual workshops like, ‘Logo Design’, SEO and Technical Writing, ‘The Art of Photography’, ‘Introduction to Quality Assurance’, ‘Road to UI/UX’ and so on. The executive body also arranged some offline workshops on ‘Premiere Pro for everyone’, ‘Blockchain, Cryptos, and NFTs, and how they may change the world’, ‘Introduction To WordPress Customization’, ‘Biggest Festival of Logo design with BASIS’ etc. In addition, The board organized seminar on “Blockchain Technology and Call for Participation in BCOLBD 2022′. Although the pandemic situation made things difficult online activities gained immense responses.

EXB - 2020

Session: Spring '20 - Spring '21

The executive body operating from Spring ’20 to Spring ’21 worked tirelessly to keep up with the club activities despite the challenges due to COVID-19. The executive board arranged annual events like ‘JARVIS 2.0’, ‘Freshman Orientation Ceremony’ in 2020 entirely online. The board organized seminars on ‘Web Designing’ as well as took initiatives in webinars, virtual workshops, and virtual general meetings during the lockdown. Along with initiating some leading virtual workshops on ‘Software Requirement Analysis’, ‘LinkedIn and CV Writing’, ‘Graphic Design’, the committee supported ‘Nasa Space App Challenge 2020’ which was held virtually for the first time. One of the biggest achievements of the executive panel was ‘Re-launching the Website of AIUB Computer Club’ with a brand new look and advanced features.

Session: Fall '18 - Spring '20

The executive body of Fall ’18 – Spring ’20 was proactive with arranging events like ‘Samsung Esports Championship 2019’ which was consisted of an inter-university tournament of a multiplayer online battle arena video game called ‘DOTA 2’. They first started Jarvis – Intra ACC Carnival in 2019 at American International University-Bangladesh exclusively for the members of the club to help them improve their skills. Fall ’18 – Spring ’20 executive body was also regular in arranging yearly events like ‘AIUB Cyber Gaming Fest 2019’, ‘JARVIS – Intra ACC Carnival 2020’ though there were some challenges in 2020. They organized ‘NASA Space Apps Challenge 2019 – Bangladesh’ along with BASIS Student’s Forum AIUB Chapter. They also organized a seminar on ‘Higher Studies at Abroad’ at American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) to provide the members of the club who are interested to study abroad with some useful information.

Session: Fall '17 - Fall '18

Fall ’17 – Fall ’18 executive body celebrated three days long day event, ‘AIUB CS Fest 2017’ with loads of competition like App showcasing, Poster/Concept Presentation, Idea Prototyping, Networking Contest, Programming Contest, ICT Quiz, Mathematics Olympiad, and Content/Story writing. Also, the body held a five-day-long ‘Cyber Gaming Fest 2018’ with lots of competitions like NFS Most Wanted, FIFA 2018, Counter-Strike Go, and DOTA 2 that generated massive responses.

Session: Summer '16 - Summer '17

The executive body of Summer ’16 – Summer ’17 planned noteworthy events like a two-day-long Cyber Gaming Fest – 2016 at American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) sponsored by ASUS that eventually became a yearly event for the club.

Session: Spring '16 - Summer '16

The executive body of Spring ’16 – Summer ’16 organized seminars like “Seminar on
CodersTrust” by M.A.G Osmani, Head of business, developer of CodersTrust , and “The Zen of Python” by K.M. Tahsin Hassan Rahit, Software Engineer & Project Manager at Prochito ITS. Also, they arranged a workshop on “Graphic Design” conducted by Shibly Islam, Alumni Student of AIUB & Alumni member of ACC, Graphic Designer, Adon Communications Limited.

Session: Fall '15 - Spring '16

The executive committee that lasted from Fall-15 to Spring-16 session organized several events. Some of their heir notable events include a seminar titled “Recruitment seminar of Hackhouse”, workshop on “Software Quality Assurance and Testing”, workshop on “Samsung’s latest inaugurated Operating System, OS, Tizen Application Development”.

Session: Summer '14 - Summer '15

The second executive committee of ACC organized several notable events which include a workshop on “Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) Localization Training by Mozilla Bangladesh”. The speaker of this session was Maliha Momtaz Islam, Official Mozilla Representative. In addition to that, they also organized a seminar on “EATL Apps Activation” in organization with Grameenphone and Prothom Alo and a workshop on “WordPress & eCommerce Development”.

Session: Fall '12 - Summer '14

The founding executive that worked from Fall-12 to Summer-14 session organized many workshops and seminars. Two of their notable events are a workshop on “GDG Map Up by MapUps Community” and a seminar on “Microsoft Dynamics NAV by Naviworld Bangladesh”.