It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when the Club shall be governed by the Committee. The Executive Committee of the Club shall consist of the following members:

  • OSA
  • Advisors
  • President
  • Vice-President
  • General Secretary
  • Assistant General Secretaries
  • General Members


  • Membership is open to any students of AIUB who shares the aims of the Club and agrees to comply with the Constitution and rules of the Club.
  • All members must provide valid information while the registering for the club.



The Club members will get the Life Time Membership of the club. In General Meeting may by a two-third majority of those present and voting confer Honorary Life Time Membership upon any member who has performed outstanding service to the Club.


  • All the General members are bound to abide by all the rules of AIUB
  • They have to maintain club’s regulation
  • They are requested to attend all the events
  • They have to volunteer in all the events if asked by the event’s coordinator
  • They should not indulge into some task that will bring shame for AIUB as well as ACC
  • They should not use club’s name or AIUB’s name for their personal gain or in business
  • If they want to use or represent ACC in some events that must be informed to president beforehand
  • All the members must attend the general meeting
  • Members with probation in AIUB will be counted as non member until they get out of probation and they are requested not participate in any events for their betterment
  • If any members found breaking the rules and regulation of AIUB or ACC they will be dismissed from the club immediately
  • Members will be dismissed if they misbehave with each other or with any members or with any of the executive members
  • Members who will cause any problem during any events will be dealt strictly
  • All the members must do the volunteer jobs for all the events, if there are problems must be informed to the coordinator.


  • When there is task to be done, the assigned person doing that task is responsible for what he has done / is doing and should hand over in the completed task to the President / GS / Coordinator / Asst. Coordinator by the dateline. Failure in doing so, will result in problems or delay to the event. It is advised to cooperate with one another when someone ask you for help, because you might need that person in the future for carrying out events proposed by / assigned to you.
  • All members should unite as one in order to get the best output for a particular event.
  • When there is a problem / task to be done, executive members should help each other out.
  • It is advised that if we want to improve on the well-being and reputation of computer club, we should unite as one family and commit to the club events and everything else.
  • If you are assigned to do a task, and you do not know what to do for that task, you should go back and ask the person who assign you the task and clarify what needs to be done for that task.
  • Failure in doing so will result in work not done and thus slowing down the whole process of preparation for the event.
  • The person who assigns the task will think that you have done the assigned task and when he finds out that you did not do it, this will in turn result in conflicts and may affect your reputation of the position you are holding in the committee.
  • The person assigning the task should always check on the process of the task to be done periodically. You have the right to push that volunteer of yours to do the task in a faster rate.
  • If you are assigned to do a task, and have finish doing it, you should take up the initiative to help those who have not finish doing it in order to speed up the process of preparation for the event.
  • If you are not assigned to do a task, you should also take up the initiative to help out in the event. Your help is greatly appreciated and you will be rewarded ACC points accordingly.
  • Committee members should provide their full support and help in events if there is anything requested by the Coordinator / Asst. Coordinator to be done.


If any position on the Committee becomes vacant then the Committee can call a General Meeting for the election of a member to that position.