About Us


The Begining

On September 13, 2012 the voyage of AIUB Computer Club – ACC, had commenced. The dream was to set a platform for AIUB students to spread out the light of technology, and that dream was seen by six founder members of AIUB Computer Club. It started with a mission and vision. ACC welcome every student of American International University – Bangladesh.

ACC says to all let’s change yourself, change your society and change the country with your aptitudes. Let’s take the path together and see the power of combined talents.We/ACC is waiting for you and the world is waiting for us. Explore yourself and be part of success.


The Community

In continuation, ACC is now one of the biggest and most successful clubs in American International University-Bangladesh by its different activities over the years ever since the club was started with 60 active members from all different discipline within AIUB.

Events and Activities

Our Success

Since ACC’s inception, AIUB Computer Club (ACC) has devoted to serve AIUB’s students with full of its resources and its interests. They have successfully completed many events, however, among them Computer Science Festival,featuring programming contest, gaming contest, idea or concept presentation, application showcasing for mobile, web, and desktop, and networking contest, brought its biggest success and appreciation. ACC has related with various organizations, for example : Mozilla Bangladesh, Microsoft Student Partner, BASIS Student Forum. with them ACC organized so many events . ACC has been active since it started, and it will be organizing such events like these, which are actually related with modern technology and current job market. Being an ACC member, on the other hand, means privileged with more than just adequate facilities: gaming, participating in dissimilar workshops, for instance, Firefox OS application development, and Android development, and contests at the first place, touring in several places etc.

Why Join AIUB Computer Club?

To build skills in various sectors including Content Writing, Photojournalism, Video Editing, Event Organizing, Volunteering, Development, UI/UX Design, and Graphic Design.

To connect with a community of senior, junior, alumni, and respected teachers. Build harmony and get ideas about the demanding skills of the current and future professional domain.

To organize events national events such as Computer Science Fest, Computer Gaming Fest and intra ACC events like Jarvis - An Intra ACC Carnival and participate in regularly organized workshops and seminars for ACC members.


The Assets

With executive bodies and about 70 members, Computer club started moving forward with new segments and ideas. Members are always welcome. Member has full facility to come up with their own ideas on different events and programs. Every single member becomes an important part & Assets of ACC. on the contrary, in every semester there is something enjoyable moments come into real only for the members like Games, Study tour,Picnic,Party etc.


Our Mission

AIUB Computer Club started with a mission committed to its members to introduce them to the ever-changing information and technology world. AIUB Computer Club believes one always must stay rationalized if he/she wants to subsist in today’s competitive technology driven world. The club regularly arranges seminars and workshops in this regard to keep its members always updated with the latest knowledge. AIUB Computer Club wants to introduce its members to the impending challenges and help them to face it with our unity and communications.


Our Vission

AIUB Computer Club is working with a vision to create leaders in the emerging technology sector. Technology is the next substantial phenomenon that will lead the world towards its future. AIUB Computer Club doesn’t want its members only to get ready for the future but wishes to see in leading positions. AIUB Computer club wants its members to be a pioneer of the future. 

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