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AIUB Computer Club Organized a Virtual Workshop on ‘SEO and Technical Writing’

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AIUB Computer Club (ACC) delightedly arranged a virtual workshop on ‘SEO and Technical Writing’ on 1st October 2021 for its members using the online platform ‘Zoom’. The workshop was executed by the Former Vice President of AIUB Computer Club, Nashif Iftekhar, Jr. Software Quality Assurance Engineer, Tekarsh. This workshop outlined the principles for writing SEO and Technical based content, with the purpose to deliver the participants some valuable ideas about such demanding topics. The topics featured the basic introduction of SEO and Technical Writing, types of SEO, useful strategic job sectors for both SEO and Technical Writing, and useful tools to start the journey in both sectors. 

SEO Workshop 1

SEO key optimizing ACC

The host of the workshop Tahsinul Hoque, Assistant General Secretary – Media and Publication, ACC started the event at 7 PM by warmly welcoming the speaker, Mr. Iftekhar and A.S.M Sadman Sakib, Founder and Director of Engineers Hub. Mr. Sakib introduced the attendees to the platform, Engineers Hub and its usefulness. He further spoke about the reason behind this platform’s existence and later he encouraged the participants to join this platform for their career benefits. Then Mr. Iftekhar progressed the session by making attendees familiar with SEO, why someone needs to know about SEO, types of SEO, types of strategies to apply, the function of search engines, tactics and methods, optimization of keywords, title optimization, and eventually the tools to use. He also took opinions from most of the attendees about their ideas on SEO and hearing their ideas, he appreciated all of their responses. Additionally, he made their concept more coherent about SEO and its fundamentals with frequent answers to their queries.

SEO Tutorial by ACC

In the second phase, Mr. Iftekhar introduced Technical  Writing to attendees. He showed them the step-by-step process and the basic needs to start Technical Writing. By this time, Abhijit Bhowmik, Associate Professor and Special Assistant, Office of Student Affairs, AIUB appeared at the session and brought a cheerful vibe with him. He conferred advice on how someone can be more communicative through writing. He also encouraged the attendees to choose a career path on SEO and Technical Writing by giving brief explanations about the marketplace and future opportunities. Additionally, he emphasized the attendees attend all workshops and sears to gain more knowledge for their career building. Later, Mr. Bhowmik thanked the speaker for delivering useful ideas and the attendees for participating in this wonderful session. In the end, Mr. Iftekhar demonstrated present job opportunities and range of salary to the participants in the SEO and Technical Writing sector so that they become aware and inspired to choose them as their main or side career growth. The session was quite interactive with continuous queries and answers. The event was graced by Akther Hamid Saymon, Former Assistant General Secretary – Public Relations, and some other alumni as well. Mr. Saymon added some inspiring words by telling participants to focus on career growth and help the club as assets with resources.


The workshop was sponsored by Engineers Hub. Nearly 45 attendees participated in the session and made this event a success. Mr. Hoque concluded the session at 10 PM by thanking the speaker for his useful words and the attendees for bringing ebullient vibes.