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Workshop on Intro to Git: Unfold the secrets of Git.

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On 20th January 2024, AIUB Computer Club organized a workshop named “Intro to Git: Unfold the secrets of Git” at 9.00PM via Google meet. The tagline of the workshop was “Investing in tomorrow’s technology today is more critical than ever.” Mr. Md Ferdous Akhter (Former President of AIUB Computer Club and Senior Software Engineer at Brain station 23) was the honorable speaker of this workshop. 

The main objectives of this workshop were to improve your abilities and unleash the potential of group development. This was the most effective way to acquire ideas and knowledge that you can use immediately. Beginning the workshop, the speaker engaged the audience in interactive discussion. After that, there was a basic introduction to Git and its workings. Mr. Ferdous defined version control and demonstrated its various applications, including backup and recovery, parallel development, history tracking, branching, and merging, undoing changes, and traceability. The importance of Git in collaborative projects, such as concurrent development, dispute resolution, history and accountability, code reviews, and continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD), was discussed by Mr. Ferdous with the audience. He focused on code reviews, particularly how they function in practical situations. Furthermore, Abhijit Bhowmik sir (Special assistant to the office of student affairs at AIUB and Associate Professor of CSE) joined the meeting and encouraged the attendees to understand the value of Git and become acquainted with it early on. 

Next, Mr. Ferdous outlined the origins of Git, citing Linus Torvalds, the creator of the Linux operating system, as its inspiration. Subsequently, he demonstrated several fundamental Git commands, including clone, add, commit, push, pull, branch, merge, diff, and log. Mr. Ferdous suggested and demonstrated a few tools called Sourcetree and TortoiseGit. Then he demonstrated Git hub’s operation. He went into detail and provided step-by-step instructions. He outlined the steps and indicated what should be done and what should not be done. The audience participated actively in this and cleared up any confusion they may have had. 

After this section, Mr. Ferdous conducted a Q&A session where he discussed the industry-standard commands. He assured the audience to go into more detail in future workshops at a higher level. At the end, Mr. Tamim Hasan Apurbo (General Secretary of AIUB Computer Club) concluded the meeting and thanked the honorable speaker and everyone for attending the workshop. This well attended workshop helped participants understand Git and its significance for group development. It was well received by more than fifty people.