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Workshop on “How to Join as a Product Manager”.

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On December 10, 2023, AIUB Computer Club organized a comprehensive workshop titled “How to Join as a Product Manager”. The event took place at 7:30 PM via Google Meet, featuring Mr. Saif Hasan, Lead Product Manager at weDevs and Former Assistant General Secretary, Media and Publication, AIUB Computer Club, as the distinguished speaker.

The workshop delved into various aspects of product management and Mr. Saif shared valuable insights during the event. The keynotes and talks included understanding Product Management as he went through the basic concepts and interactions integral to product management. After that he pointed out key differences of Project Manager and Product Manager. The speaker drew a distinction between project management and product management, both in a general context and within the landscape of Bangladesh. Highlighting the responsibilities, Mr. Saif emphasized the time constraints for project managers, while product managers decide, set vision, and mission and provide support. He also shared insights on achieving success in product management, prioritizing handling business, tech, and UX teams being the orchestra and focal point, a concept illustrated by a Steve Jobs quote “I play the orchestra, and you’re a good musician.” Practical scenarios involving companies like Bikash and Nagad were also discussed, including tasks like making mockups, adding features, and collaborating with development and design teams.

In between Abhijit Bhowmik (special assistant for the office of student affairs (OSA) and Associate professor of computer science at AIUB) spoke a few words and shared his thoughts on demand of product management urging the participants to gather as much knowledge as possible from the workshop. Later, the speaker outlined the requirements for joining as a fresher, including qualities such as good taste, sense, and communication skills. The importance of extracting the best from people was also highlighted. The speaker elaborated on why companies hire product managers, highly rating the unique skillset they bring to the table. Aspiring product managers were encouraged to gain experience during university through projects, emphasizing the ease of transitioning careers with the right experience. The importance of SWOT analysis, comparison, and market analysis in product management was underscored. Mr. Saif concluded by stating the significance of workout and testing in the field of product management.

The workshop was well-attended, generated attention, raising numerous questions for the speaker to address as the program progressed. Sumayea Khatun and Iftakhar Ahmed Chowdhury were thanked and sent farewell by Mr. Saif.  Ms. Sumayea announced the conclusion of the session at 8:30 p.m., inspiring and armed with insightful knowledge on product development.