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AIUB Computer Club Organized a Workshop on Balancing Extracurricular with Curricular Activities

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Understanding and maintaining a well balanced academic curriculum could be hard for starting from freshmen upto senior and then how to cope up with extracurricular activities as well could seem to be quite tough. Thus, a workshop on ‘Balancing Extracurricular with Curricular Activities’ was arranged by AIUB Computer Club (ACC) that was held on 1st June 2022 at 5 pm in Multipurpose Hall 2, D Building (10th Floor), AIUB. The workshop was conducted by Raihan Gafur, Former President, ACC. The host Md. Mintajur Rahman Emon, General Member, ACC started the workshop greeting everybody and introducing the topic and speaker of the workshop.

Mr. Gafur began the session with a short introduction about himself and then started to talk about the main topic. He raised the topic by discussing why the workshop was arranged for and answered for why and how that workshop was important. The main purpose of the workshop was to inform and help the members on how to balance the regular academic curriculum and the club activities simultaneously, and of course how to do well on that. He described the ways of balancing both the activities in different concepts and perspectives. Then he mentioned how to maintain extracurricular activities and informed how it could help after completing undergrad effectively. It was also a flowing point in his presentation about how a club was necessary for a student, what a student should do and what not to do. He mentioned how it was necessary to work with a University Club, Volunteering, Olympiads, and different Competitions. He put practical knowledge to tell the students how it could increase their analytical and balancing ability, and how it could be useful for their study abroad as well. Also, Mr. Gafur told the audience about the Fests of different universities and how to join and so on. The students were also told about the ACM community where students were clarified about the coding competitions and also the programming fest outside of the University.

After this session, Mr. Gafur notified the students about the Recruitment system of industries, which types of qualifications they wanted, and how a club could be related to solving the problem. Then he spoke about AIUB Computer Club, how it was built, the history of this club, the management, and also the founders. He told about the new environment that a student gets into first and how they could help themselves avoiding stress and work with balance. 

After that, Abhijit Bhowmik, Associate Professor and Special Assistant, Office of Student Affairs (OSA), AIUB, joined the workshop virtually through Google Meet and advised the students about the importance of academic works and also the extra activities. He also shared some ideas on how to manage both and maintain a good ratio. After that Mr. Gafur concluded the workshop at 7.45 PM. As the workshop was on a crucial topic it came to be very much beneficial for the students where they asked various questions to the speaker and learned from the answers. About 60 students were present at the seminar. Eventually, Mr. Gafur wished everyone good luck.