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AIUB Computer Club Organized a Virtual Website Launching Session

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On 14th April 2021, AIUB Computer Club (ACC) arranged a general meeting to virtually launch its brand new website using the online platform ‘Google Meet’. Abrar Rafid, General Secretary, ACC commenced the meeting at 3:45 pm by welcoming the club members who joined the session. Afterward, he welcomed the club advisors Abhijit Bhowmik, Associate Professor and Special Asst., Office of Student Affairs, AIUB, and Mohammad Saef Ullah Miah, Former Assistant Professor, FST, AIUB who graced the session with their presence.

They talked about the important aspects of developing a website and how it can help members to develop real-life experiences that will come in handy in the future. Afterward, Mr. Miah inaugurated the website, while Wasif Zaman Sunan, Assistant General Secretary – Research And Development, ACC discuss its new features.]

Then Raihan Gafur, President, ACC joined the session and expressed his gratitude towards the club advisors for their continuous support. He also welcomed three new advisors of ACC, Abdullah Al Faruque Sojol, Md Ferdous Akhter and Faad Shahrukh Siddique to the session. Then, Rashidul Hasan Nabil, Lecturer, FST, AIUB joined the session and appreciated the effort of the ACC development team to build the website. The session ended with the closing remark of Mr. Bhowmik who thanked everyone for joining the session and give his best wishes to continue the website development with the latest features.