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AIUB Computer Club Arranged a Three-Day-Long Workshop On WordPress: Introduction To WordPress Customization

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A three-day-long workshop on ‘WordPress – Introduction to WordPress Customization’ was organized by AIUB Computer Club (ACC) on 16th, 18th, and 24th September for its members. The workshop was directed by two speakers, MD. Asif B. Abedin, Assistant General Secretary, Research And Development, ACC and Rokan Chowdhury Onick, Assistant General Secretary, Research And Development, ACC using the online platform, ‘Google Meet’. The sole purpose of the initiative was to make members familiar with WordPress and give them basic knowledge to get started.

Rokan Chowdhury Onick & Asif B. Abedin workshop

Inroduction to WordPress Customization Workshop Image 2

The host of the workshop Farjana Ahmed, Assistant General Secretary, Public Relation, ACC started the event by greeting the attendees and introducing the speakers. Mr. Abedin began the day-1 session by introducing basics like server, server-side and client-side operations, HTTP, FTP, etc. Then the remaining session was based on creating the environment set-up for WordPress such as downloading WordPress, setting up XAMPP, creating an account in a live server, and so on. At the end of the first-day session, Abhijit BhowmikAssociate Professor and Special Assistant, Office of Student Affairs, AIUB brightened the session with his presence as always. Mr. Bhowmik took a little bit of time to put some inspiring words before the attendees broke some stereotype ideas from his over years of experience. 

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Day-2 started with Mr. Abedin giving a short overview of how to prepare the files and set up a database for developing a website. He engaged the members by asking regarding the type of website to build. Then, everyone agreed to create a portfolio site considering its significance and benefits. Mr. Abedin confirmed the contents of the site with the participants’ recommendations. Before starting to build the website, he exhibited and tried to give ideas of how different portfolio sites looked like that have been constructed using WordPress. He explained about Theme Selection,  Plugin and with that, he added that the plugin was the exclusive reason for WordPress being so famous worldwide. While talking about Page Editor, he provided the participants a link to a live site to be able to witness the instant changes. Using plugins, he enhanced a lot of content on the site. While designing, he provided detailed explanations of every feature for the participants’ easy understanding. Eventually, he showed a complete site including top session, about me, services, experience, portfolio, client review, contact form, skills, price packages, etc.

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The final day of the workshop began with Mr. Rokan accomplishing the rest of the tasks from day 2 which was to make the site responsive. He demonstrated generating a new form from the option of ‘Add Form’. There, he kept the necessary parameters and showed that result as well. He explained every term of the ‘Mail’ section along with pointing out which are editable. He also held the ground open to receive queries from the participants anytime. Later, he explained the activate-deactivate procedure and the justifications for the messages due to the deactivation of a process. Meanwhile, Mr. Asif added the reasons for some complications in the particular section. Mr. Rokan clarified about widgets of the elements showed the result due to changing and filling forms and illustrated the contents in desktop, mobile, and iPad views. He also displayed how to edit the contents by column, size, margin, space, etc. along with clarifying how WordPress is fun and easy.

Wordpress Customization Workshop ACC

In the last hour, Mr. Abedin provided feedback on the submitted task from participants. Eventually, Abrar Rafid, President, ACC requested the members to reach the Research and Development team, who have been interested through the workshop and concluded the session by 11 PM. The three-day-long workshop had over 40 attendees on average making it successful and providing knowledge of WordPress among them.