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AIUB Computer Club Organized a Seminar on ‘Blockchain Technology and Call for Participation in BCOLBD 2022’

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BCOLBD Event on Blockchain 2022

A Seminar on ‘Blockchain Technology and Call for Participation in BCOLBD 2022’ was arranged by AIUB Computer Club (ACC) that was held on 27th March 2022 at 2:30 PM. The Seminar was held in Multipurpose Hall 2, D Building, AIUB. The seminar was conducted by Mr. K Atique-e-Rabbani, Managing Director, The Computers Ltd Chief, BARED-Blockchain Academy of Research, Education, and Development, Tahmina Sharmin, Secretary, BCOLBD, & Head of QAC, Technohaven Company Ltd, Md. Al-Amin, Founder, Deepchain Labs, Lecturer, CS, Blockchain and web3 Architect, System Analyst, Technical Lead, Md Mehedi Hassan Onik, Lecturer, AIUB, Mr. Ashiq Zaman, Chief Advocacy Officer, BCOLBD, Executive Director, Peoples Energy Ltd & Director, Peoples, and Abhijit Bhowmik, Co-Chairman of BASIS Standing Committee on Local Market, Chairman at Workspace Infotech, Associate Professor at AIUB. The hosts of the seminar, Tahsinul Hoque, Assistant General Secretary – Media and Publication, ACC and Samiha Hossain, General Member, ACC started the seminar with a welcome speech and invited Mr. Onik on stage.

BCOLBD Event 2022

BCOLBD Blockchain Event 2022

Mr. Onik started with a short introduction about himself and then he started to describe the BlockChain Technology. He defined all the processes and procedures of Blockchain step by step. Also he explained the method, pattern, and structures of blockchain with clarification. Then he told the participants how this technology was going to change the world soon. After his speech, Ms. Hossain introduced Mr. Rabbani and requested him to take the floor. Mr. Rabbani started his speech with a song to cheer up the mind of the audience. He described the process of blockchain and how it works, how a system is managed, protected, secured, and how privacy works through blockchain. He also mentioned that Blockchain was a decentralized system. He compared Blockchain with different phases of Computer Engineering. He mentioned AI, Database, Ethereum Development, and Blockchain in the seminar. How corruption could be prevented by Blockchain and how people could build their careers on Blockchain was also mentioned by the speaker. After that, Mr. Hoque requested Mr. Al-Amin to come over the stage, then Mr. Al-Amin started talking about the Olympiad of Blockchain that was ‘BCOLBD’. He gave vast ideas about the upcoming Olympiad. He also mentioned the previous Olympiads and the success of AIUB students wherein the top 10 teams, 5 were AIUB teams. He gave the students knowledge about how they could build up a team and go for the competition, how to work in a team, and how to manage tasks. After finishing his speech, Ms. Hossain requested Mr. Zaman to come to the stage and he introduced himself. Then he showed the spectators the procedures for registration for the next Olympiad of BCOLBD 2022. Then the guest, Tahmina Sharmin, Secretary, BCOLBD, & Head of QAC, Technohaven Company Ltd. came to the stage and showed the diagram of the registration process where students and professionals could participate. Ms. Sharmin showed how participation in that Olympiad could be helpful and beneficial for the students.


At the very last moment, all the guests and speakers came onto the stage for the moment to be captured. With that, the speakers and guest were give token of appreciation. Then Mr. Hoque thanked all the speakers and the participants of the seminar and concluded the seminar at 4.00 PM. The seminar was very much beneficial for the participants and about 200+ students joined, gaining ideas from the speakers. Eventually, all the speakers thanked the participants, AIUB Computer Club for arranging the seminar and wished everyone a bright future. AIUB Computer Club extends its sincere gratitude towards the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) for the support to organize this seminar.