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Quality Assurance Essentials: The Workflow & Activities

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A workshop on “Quality Assurance Essentials: The Workflow & Activities’’ was organized by AIUB Computer Club (ACC) on March 21, 2023, and was conducted by Wasif Zaman Sunan, Sr. SQA Engineer, Riseup Labs and Former Assistant General Secretary, Research and Development, ACC and AL Emran Nayem, SQA Engineer, Riseup Labs. The host of the workshop was Md. Mintajur Rahman Emon, Assistant General Secretary, Media and Publication, AIUB Computer Club.

The purpose of the workshop was to provide an overview of the quality assurance workflow and activities that are essential for ensuring the quality of software products and to provide a guidance to initiate the learning about software quality assurance. Mr. Mintajur welcomed the participants and introduced the speakers to them. Mr. Sunan then took over and started the workshop by discussing quality assurance and its importance in software development.

The workshop was divided into two phases. In the first phase, Mr. Sunan explained the general workflow or steps that are done while assuring quality for a software, such as test planning, UI testing, and UAT. Next, he shared the day-to-day activities that a QA engineer needs to do. Mr. Sunan also gave ideas about different types of testing that are essential for ensuring the quality of software products, including functional testing, performance testing, and security testing.

Afterwards, Mr. Emran took the floor to share his views on software quality assurance. He shared his experience and discussed the job opportunities in this sector. He also mentioned the various tools and techniques used for quality assurance, such as selenium, jira etc.

In the meantime, Abhijit BhowmikAssociate Professor and Special Assistant, Office of Student Affairs, AIUB arrived at the workshop. His appearance graced the workshop. Mr. Bhowmik encouraged the attendees to take participation to this kind of career oriented sessions as well as made the attendees knowledgeable about the job opportunities in the field of software quality assurance. Later, he handed over token of appreciation to the speakers. 

The participants gained valuable insights into the essential activities and workflow of quality assurance in software development from the workshop. About 55 members of AIUB Computer Club joined the workshop. The workshop ended successfully after an effective Q&A session.