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AIUB Computer Club (ACC) Organizes a Virtual Workshop on “Pathway to Networking”

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On 15th October 2020, AIUB Computer Club (ACC) arranged a virtual workshop on ‘Pathway to Networking’ using the online platform Google Meet. The speaker of the workshop was A.A.M Mazharul Amin (CCNA, CCNA Security, RHCSA), Lecturer (Cisco Instructor), AIUB Institute of Continuing Education, AIUB, and Former Assistant General Secretary – Events, AIUB Computer Club. The objective of the workshop was to provide the basic idea about Networking and its scopes, Cisco and Netacad, and other networking course providers. The host of the session was Abrar Rafid, General Secretary, ACC, who initiated the workshop at 8:30 PM. Mr. Rafid welcomed Abhijit Bhowmik, Associate Professor and Special Assistant of OSA, AIUB, the speaker, Mr. Mazharul Amin, and all the participants to the session. At first, Mr. Bhowmik stated networking as the backbone of the ICT sector. He mentioned the importance of networking for every student of the CS discipline. Then, he delivered a short note about the importance of vendor certificates. Finally, he encouraged the participants to ask for help from the speaker if required. After wishing them
luck, he offered the platform to the speaker. The workshop was divided into two sessions. At first, he notified the “AIUB Institute of Continuing Education” as the wing of AIUB. Along with giving a short description of the institute, he mentioned that the sole motive of the institution was to help and groom the students in different professional fields for their career development. Afterward, by illustrating the ‘Global Statistics of 2023’ and ‘Asia Pacific Statistics of 2023’, he interpreted the importance of usage of the Internet in both the present time and future. He mentioned that 69% of jobs required CCNA course completion as a pre-requisite while the estimated number of IT-related job openings was 1.9 million presently. Then, he shared his experience of choosing the networking sector as his career. Later on, by defining Cisco and Netacad, he cited the popularity of Cisco both worldwide and in Bangladesh. With great significance, he illustrated the Cisco
Certifications Track and described ‘CCNA’ from the Associate level briefly. Meanwhile, he recommended the participants for enrolling in the courses with both will and effort. After clarifying about vendor exams, he explained about Cisco and AIUB. He mentioned that the AIUB ICE receives Cisco Networking Academy’s ‘the best academy’ recognition every year for any of its courses. He concluded the first session with a question-answer round. S. M. Raihan Gafur, President, ACC requested the speaker to tell about Amazon Web Services (AWS) as it could be very useful information for everyone interested in the networking sector. The response from the participants in the question-answer round was massive. The second session of the workshop began at 10 PM with the demonstration of an emulator named ‘Packet Tracer’, a popular tool used in different networking courses. The purpose of the demonstration was for the participants to figure out the interesting actions performed in the emulator. He exhibited a short workflow of DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) with basic command lines and an example. At last, he finished off his speech by encouraging the participants to reach out to him for any necessity and wishing everyone a great future ahead. Finally, Mr. Abrar Rafid concluded the workshop by thanking the speaker and the club members for their support and cooperation for the event. The workshop had around 40 members and was hugely successful for their overwhelming responses.