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ICT Awareness and Seminar Program on Cyber Security

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On 21st June, 2023, a seminar titled “ICT Awareness and Seminar Program on Cyber Security” was organized by ISPAB & bpc in collaboration with AIUB Computer Club (ACC). The seminar was chaired by Mohammad A Kayum Rashed, Joint Secretary General, ISPAB. The main objective of the seminar was to share forefront knowledge and information by cybersecurity experts to secure communication in navigating the digital landscape safely. The seminar began at 12:30 PM at Multipurpose Hall, Annex 7.  

The seminar was commenced by one of the respected speakers Md Hafijur Rahman, Technology Analyst, a2i. He introduced the audience to a2i’s Digital Bangladesh Agenda, the National Portal Framework, the goal of the government to implement more digital services and maintain existing ones for the people’s welfare in Bangladesh.

Afterwards, Mr. Hafijur presented the definition of Smart Bangladesh and the vision for 2041. He later defined confidentiality, integrity, and availability in terms of security audits and security posture. Mr. Hafijur also talked about network security, which includes cloud security and threat security. He then made the audience aware of some common cyber-attacks like phishing, malware attacks, and social engineering. Lastly, he concluded his speech by sharing some useful techniques to stay secure in cyberspace.

Soon after that, the second speaker of the seminar, Dr. Debajyoti Karmaker, Associate Professor, Computer Science, AIUB took the floor to share his views and aspects on network and cyber security. Dr. Karmaker talked about the application of computer vision, feature extraction, deep learning, and neural networks in terms of ensuring network security. He also shared some graphical representations of the way this state-of-the-art technology will benefit both network and cyber security. He ended his speech by thanking the audience.

At the ending session of the seminar, Mohammad A Kayum Rashed gave his thoughts on ict awareness and cyber security and appreciated the seminar. He then talked about the awareness programs arranged by ISPAB all over Bangladesh. He also thanked AIUB, bpc and ISPAB for making this wonderful seminar happen.

The seminar ended by handing over a plaque of appreciation to the speakers and a crest to the special guest of the seminar. The seminar ended successfully with the presence of over 300 attendees.