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Hygiene Awareness Campaign 2020

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In light of the growing global concerns of the novel Covid-19, the basic practices and awareness of hygiene has become of utmost importance, especially in Bangladesh, where culturally, usage of sanitizers and disinfectants are not that common in our day-to-day activities. With that in mind, the American International University – Bangladesh (AIUB) took on a collaborative initiative together with the proactive community of its student clubs. From the 8th of March 2020, the AIUB Social Welfare Club – ‘Shomoy’ ran a “Hygiene Awareness Campaign 2020”, with the support of the AIUB Arts Club (AAC), AIUB Business Club (ABC), AIUB Computer Club (ACC), AIUB Community Engineering Students (ACES), AIUB Drama Club (ADC), AIUB Film Club (AFC), AIESEC in AIUB, AIUB Photography Club (AIUBPC), AIUB Oratory Club (AOC), AIUB Performing Arts Club (APAC), and the IEEE AIUB Student Branch. The campaign continued for almost 2 weeks, up until the university went virtual with online classes on the 20th of March 2020. Student volunteers from the clubs took up positions at the various entry points of the campus premises, on rotation throughout the day, where they ensured hand sanitization of every student and staff coming into the campus using alcohol-based hand rubs. They also provided everyone with information leaflets on the precautionary and prevention measures that should be taken to fight against the spread of the virus in the country, encouraging everyone to stay clean and safe amidst the pandemic. The combined efforts of all the student organizations not only aided the university with its numerous other initiatives in keeping the campus safe from transmission and contamination but instilled a strong sense of hygiene amongst the students and staff. The campaign has helped to develop a habit of cleanliness amongst everyone that will undoubtedly enable us, as an institution and a community, to overcome and prevail through these difficult times in the long run.