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Farewell Ceremony-2022

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AIUB Computer Club (ACC), arranged a farewell ceremony for the senior club members on 24th September, 2022 Saturday at the Multipurpose Hall (Annex-7). The host of the ceremony was Mr. Abrar Rafid, the most recent Former president, ACC.

Mr. Rafid welcomed the seniors, and all the members present on that day and started the ceremony with joy. The program got new delight after the presence of Mr. Abhijit Bhowmik, Associate Professor and Special Assistant, Office of Student Affairs, AIUB, and club advisor, ACC. Mr. Bhowmik introduced all the executive members of two sessions Spring ’20 – Spring ’21 and Fall ’18 – Spring ’20 along with the executive bodies of BASIS AIUB Student’s Chapter Summer ‘20- Summer ’21 & Fall ’18- Summer ‘20 and Firefox@AIUB’s executives of Summer ’20- Summer ’21 & Fall ’19- Summer ’20 to all the members of ACC. Afterward, Mr. Bhowmik handed over the token of hard work to all the former executive members and wished a blissful future for them.

After that, a cake-cutting ceremony was held, and all the previous executive bodies and current executive body took part to make the event memorable. To make the event more amazing a cultural program was arranged too. Meanwhile, some seniors attended the ceremony online and made the program more efficient by providing their valuable words. The former executive bodies got a video tribute from the current executive panel and general members of AIUB Computer Club (ACC). All of them appreciated the affection and guidance that they got from the seniors.

All the seniors shared their memories and the effort they had put into this club. They also gave advice to the existing members to put effort into ACC as much as they can as well as to their academic side. The ceremony was amusing and exciting as it created a bond among all the seniors, the current executive panel, and the juniors. At the very end, Mr. Rafid thanked everyone for joining and making the ceremony memorable, and then he concluded the ceremony by thanking the seniors for their valuable time for the club.