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Explore the Fundamentals of Photoshop

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AIUB Computer Club (ACC) organized an online workshop titled “Explore the Fundamentals of Photoshop” on January 16th, 2023, at 7:30 PM. on Google Meet. This workshop was hosted by Rinika. Paul, Assistant General Secretary, Design & Decorations, AIUB Computer Club. The workshop was led by Mr. Bijoy Banik, Former Assistant General Secretary, of AIUB Computer Club.

Ms.Paul inaugurated the workshop by introducing the speaker to the audience. The primary objective of the program was to instruct club members in the fundamentals of PHOTOSHOP. 

Creating a new file was the initial step of the workshop. In this genre, picking sizes, artboards, resolution, and color mode for a poster was demonstrated by Mr. Banik. Afterward, a social media poster was designed to inform everyone about the move tool, gradient tool, type tool, quick selection tool, pen tool, eraser tool, and zoom tool and the procedure of using those tools. The idea for the poster was acquired from the participants which boosted the engagement of participants in the workshop.

The session was brightened by the participation of Mr.Abhijit Bhowmik Associate Professor, and the office of Students Affairs (OSA). Mr.Bhowmik delivered a speech and inspired everyone to try their hand at graphic design. The workshop concluded at 8:30 PM following a brief question-and-answer session in which attendees satisfied their curiosity. A substantial number of attendees praised the event and thanked the AIUB Computer Club for hosting it.