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Contemporary Photography: Tips & Techniques

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AIUB Computer Club (ACC) has organized a workshop on “Contemporary Photography: Tips & Techniques” for it’s club members on 22nd of February, 2023 at Annex-1, AIUB. The speaker of the workshop was Araf Rahman, General Member, AIUB Computer Club. The host of the workshop was Maliha Tasnuva, Assistant General Secretary, Event Coverage & Post Production, ACC

Ms. Tasnuva started the workshop by warmly welcoming the audience and introducing the speaker to them. After that, Mr. Araf took the floor to start the workshop. He segmented the workshop into two sections. In the beginning, he gave basic ideas about setting mount, octa, angle of flash, range of flash etc. Later, he taught the enthusiastic learners about flash channel charging, shutter, iso and Calvin setup. 

In the meantime, Mr. Araf placed his tools outside and took real-life contemporary photographs and gave an initial guideline with hands-on experience to the learners. Moreover, he spoke about the different lighting categories and the way of covering the lacking of the background of a picture. Besides these, he talked about picture problems and fixing the problems. Throughout the session, Mr. Araf encouraged all several times to come forward and do the setups on their own.

At the very end of the session, Mr. Araf conducted an interactive Q&A session. The whole workshop was thoroughly interactive and engaging. Nearly 60 members joined the session and made the session a success.