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AIUB CS Fest 2014

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Day 1

Opening Ceremony: To begin with the celebration, Dr. Carmen Z. Lamagna, Vice Chancellor of American International University – Bangladesh (AIUB), inaugurated the event along with his excellence Mr. Ishtiaque Abedin, Chairman of AIUB, Dean of Faculty of Science and IT Prof. Dr. Tafazzal Hossian, Dean of Faculty of Engineering Prof. Dr. A.B.M Siddique Hossain, Director of Faculty of Science and IT Mr. Mashiour Rahman, Director of Public Relations (AIUB) Mr. Lutfor Rahman, Head of Undergraduate Program (CS) Dr. Dip Nandi, and Head of Graduate Program (CS) Dr. Tabin Hasan. A rally took place with the presence of the respected faculty members, personnel, dedicated members of AIUB Computer Club – ACC, and students of AIUB; especially, from the Department of Computer Science. In this way, CS Fest 2014 commenced its voyage.

Heartiest welcome for the Honorable Vice Chancellor of American International University – Bangladesh (AIUB)
Dr. Carmen Z. Lamagna

The Highlight of this year’s Fest was the Visit by the Honorable Chairman of American International University – Bangladesh
Mr. Ishtiaque Abedin

Celebration of 2nd Founding Day of ACC and the Inauguration of CS FEST 2014

Dr. Carmen Z. Lamagna, Vice-Chancellor of AIUB with All the Faculty Members of CS Department & Club Members

The Rally


Football Match between Faculty Members vs. Students: This was the time when faculty members had confronted with students without bearing any educational means in their mind and greeted them with the spirit of sport. Likewise, students also showed great respect and elated to play with their respected teachers. Truth is nothing could simply separate the joy among each player while match kicked off. The moments of pleasure were highly paid off when we had experienced ultimate skillful football by both of the teams. As a result, the score at the end looked like this: Faculty Members 3 : 3 Students. Thus, we encountered a thrilling match, and all the players expressed greater respect with each other when the final whistle had blown. ACC is proud to be able connecting faculty members and students together by the liveliness of football.

Football Match between Faculty VS Students

Animation & VFX industry in Bangladesh: This seminar took place followed by the football match, and it was based on Animation and VFX industries in Bangladesh. The main purpose of this seminar was to introduce the current perspective of such industry in Bangladesh along with the past conditions. Speakers magnificently presented the whole scenario, and they not only inspired artists but also people who can be thinking differently and have picturesque mind. They showed a demo that illustrates what an animator can do efficiently. Additionally, they discussed how animations should be made and thereby, a proper guideline was demonstrated.

Prize Giving Ceremony: In this eve of celebration, CS department’s respected teachers, participants, and ACC members gathered altogether at prize giving ceremony. Prof. Dr. Tafazzal Hossain, dean of CS department, shared his kind words to the audience; followed by, Dr. Dip Nandi, head of undergraduate program, delivered his vote of thanks to all the personnel who have been actively and passively involved to this fest. Besides, Dr. Tabin Hasan, head of graduate program boosted the spirit up among all the persons present in the ceremony by his speech. As many events and contests took place, participants as well as all the spectators were utterly delirious to know who the triumphant are at different phases. To give away the awards to the winners, CS department’s dean, director, head of both undergraduate and graduate program did the honor together. Prizes have been distributed to all the winners, 1st runner ups, and 2nd runner ups at each contest, except, 8 awards gave away based on the ranked list of Intra AIUB programming contest and one award has been shared by two winners of Chess game as it was a dram match at the finale. Not to mention, Dr. Dip Nandi presented Md. Saef Ullah Miah, lecturer of CS department, AIUB for his sheer contribution to the club from the inception of CS Fest 2014 as well. Then, all the winners of different events and faculty members came up to the stage for a photo season; furthermore, ACC’s devoted volunteers, executive members, and chairman went upstage to have a similar fashion of photo season. Lastly, to end this prize giving ceremony on a high, ACC brings in APAC to have a live performance. Truth be told, this show was totally enjoyed by all the students present at the auditorium.

Winners with Rank:

Inter AIUB Programming Contest

Rank 1

H. M. Ata-E-Rabbi 13-23396-1

Rank 2

Md. Amir Ebrahim Rahat 11-19072-2

Rank 3

Md. Abdullah Al Mahmud 11-19199-2

Rank 4

Mehedi Alamgir 11-19155-2

Rank 5

Md. Asiful Islam 13-23600-1

Rank 6

Kaushik Sarker 12-22278-3

Rank 7

Sadik Md. Asif 12-20805-1

Rank 8

Md. Abu Salman 13-24204-2
Software Design & Development Contest
Champion 1. Akter Hossain 12-22724-3
2.Md. Nishadur Rahman 12-22814-3
3.Nayma Hasan 12-22664-3
4.Sabiqun Naher 12-22740-3
Runners Up 1.Chowdhury, Sultan Mahmud 12 -22467-3
2.Taj SK. Md. KazinurRahman 12 -22489-3
3.Hossain, Md. Shakhaowat 12-22393–3
App Showcasing Contest

Rank 1

1.Diponkor Talukder 13-23807-1
2.Ashik Mahmud 14-26863-2

Rank 2

1.Md.Jasim Uddin 13-23359-1
2.Kamrul Islam 13-23588-1
3.Md.Hafiz Habibullah 13-23512-1

Rank 3

1.Tawseef Khan 12-22398-3
2.Nazmus Sakib 12-22398-3
Mobile App Showcasing Contest

Rank 1

1.Sadikur Rahman 12-20167-1
2.Sadiah Haque 12-21014-1

Rank 2

1.Rezwanur Rahman 13-23215-1

Rank 3

1.Md.Rakib Uddin 13-97264-3
2.Kamrul Hasan 14-97705-1
3.Hasib Hasan
App Concept Poster Presentation Contest

Rank 1

1.Raisul Kabir 12-20876-1
2.Ummoy Biswas 12-20886-1
3.Ashiqul Hoque 12-20874-1

Rank 2

1.Abu Umar Jihan 11-19616-3
2.AZM Ehtesham Chowdhury 11-19537-3
3.Khalid Bin Mohid 11-19715-3
4.Mahmudur Rahman 11-19593-3

Rank 3

1.Md.Imran Hossain 13-22898-1
2.Md.Mamunur Rashid 13-22884-1
3.Ashik Mahmud 14-26863-2
4.Hasan-E-Rezwan 12-21759-2
Gaming Contest (Champion)

Chess (Draw)

1.Md.Mazedul Hoque 12-20565-1
2.Md.Nazmul Hoque 12-20538-1


Mahmudul Hasan 14-26298-1


Rashedul Abedin 12-20142-1

Winners of the Contests

Day 3

Firefox Student Ambassador, FSA Training: This day belonged to Mozilla and its contributors. There were three sessions held on this event. To start with, the first session conducted by Salman Rahman Desh, an FSA, comprised with Mozilla missions and the idea of open web and openness. In the next segment, Ratul Minhaz, an FSA, explained “what is FSA” what Firefox student ambassadors do to the audience. Lastly, contributing pathways as a contributor was discussed by Md Anisur Rahman, an FSA. Besides, how an FSA can help Firefox OS to be launched to its highest possible potential on this community. In addition, Firefox OS specs and possibilities were also showcased.
Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) Localization Training: Localization Training was taken place followed by FSA Training. Maliha Momtaz Islam, Official Mozilla Representative, joined the event to appreciate the Mozilla Contributors of AIUB. Then, Md Anisur Rahman showed the participants how to create and localize MDN contents.
Firefox OS App Training: This event held at the same time with Localization Training. Aniruddha Adhikary, also Official Mozilla Representative, greeted the spectators and elaborated the ins and outs of Firefox OOS apps and a demo app. Then, Salman Rahman Desh demonstrated a few details on creating basic apps for Firefox OS.
Overall, there were over 150 plus attendees who were very much interested and joyful throughout the event.

Performance on CS Fest 2014 by APAC:

ACC endeavors to inspirit all the CS department’s students to have a better environment to nurture their skills in the arena of competition. ACC constantly tried to enrich their quality by organizing events throughout the year resulted a big success of CS Fest 2014. To succeed this event, AIUB Computer Club has been fully carried through by AIUB and AIUB’s CS department. Besides, CS Fest 2014 was proudly sponsored by “First Security Islami Bank Ltd.,” “Global Brands Pvt. Ltd.,” and “Workspace Infotech;” media partners were “Channel I,” “Samakal,” and “The Monthly Computer Jagat.” Conversely, “Ispahani” was beverage partner, and logistic support partners were “Infolink” and “Codenovo.” ACC delivered heartfelt thanksgiving to them because without their support, this fest could not have been pulled off too easily. It has always been a festival for CS family of AIUB, and ACC was proud to be organizing CS Fest 2014. ACC believes this precious experience will help them to organize more events as well.

Volunteers: They Gave Outstanding And Generous Gift Of Time Talent And Energy As An Organizer In CS Fest 2014






M.Samin Yasar, President, ACC 22 Md.Ferdous Akhter, General Member, ACC


Tawseef Khan, Vice-President, ACC 23 Md. Rana Masud, General Member, ACC


Md.Hasibul Huq, General Secretary, ACC 24 Rasel Ahmed, General Member, ACC


Rashidul Hasan Nabil, AGS(Design), ACC 25 Refat Bin Mustaque, General Member, ACC


Niloy Eric Costa, AGS(Pr), ACC 26 Md.Tanjim Morshed, General Member, ACC
3 Alvi Ahmed, AGS(ACCounts), ACC 27 Tahsima Tabassum, General Member, ACC


A.A.M Mazharul Amin, AGS(Events), ACC 28 Sumaya Akter Nishe, General Member, ACC


Md.Rafi Al Safi, Executive(Events), ACC 29 Md.Saiful Islam, General Member, ACC


Md. Ahsan Ayub, Executive(Pr), ACC 30 Surovi Islam , General Member, ACC


Salman Rahman Desh, Executive(Design), ACC 31 Rifat Jahan Azad , General Member, ACC


Azizul Hakim Shakil , Executive (ACCounts), ACC 32 Maliha Mubasshara , General Member, ACC


Md. Saiful Islam, Designer, ACC 33 Ahmed Nasif , General Member, ACC


Md. Abu Sayeed Chowdhury, Designer, ACC 34 Kabir,Rejowan, General Member, ACC


Nazmun Naher, Designer, ACC 35 Saha,Swanat , General Member, ACC


Salman Junaed, Photographer, ACC 36 Ahmed Rafid Farhan , General Member, ACC


Rahul, B. M. Mohaiminul Islam, Photographer, ACC 37 Hanif, Md. Abu , General Member, ACC


Rahman,Md.Hasibur , Photographer, ACC 38 Sefat Noor Orni , General Member, ACC


Ahmed Ashik , General Member, ACC 39 Ahmed Ashik , General Member, ACC


Faruque,Md.Abdullah Al, General Member, ACC 40 Shahed Bin Hossain , General Member, ACC


Shuvo Barman, General Member, ACC 41 Raisa Binta Hoque , General Member, ACC


Chowdhury, Lamiya Sayara, General Member, ACC


Adib Mehedi, General Member, ACC


Md.Saife Khan Shovon, General Member, ACC


Ahmed Ali, General Member, ACC