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AIUB Computer Club organizes “Samsung eSport Championship 2019”

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On 14th March 2019, American International University-Bangladesh played host to Samsung Bangladesh’s phase one of the prestigious “Samsung eSports Championship 2019”. The event was organized by AIUB Computer Club (ACC) which was consisted of an inter-university tournament of a multiplayer online battle arena video game called ‘DOTA 2’.

Eight teams participated in the event and competed with each other to represent AIUB. The participated teams were, Team Tsunami, Team Solid, Prototype Gaming, Team Vega, Changa, Coup de Grace, Molom and LOB. Each team consisted of five member and additional substitute members. All the teams were picked randomly when drawing the match fixtures and schedules. The tournament was arranged by the help of Gigabyte’s AUROUS desktop CPUs and was highlighted by Samsung’s Curved LED monitors with addition to the internet service provider AAMRA.

Team solid and Molom were put against each other for the first match of the day and Molom won the match with the score of 51 kills against 32. As a result, Molom advanced to the second round of the tournament. In the second match, Team Vega faced Changa and Changa won with an overwhelming score of 43 kills against 8 thus moving to the second round. Due to unavoidable and unfortunate circumstances LOB and Coup de Grace had to forfeit their math which resulted Team tsunami and Prototype Gaming advancing to the second round and facing each other. In the first match of the second round Molom and Changa competed in a nail-biting match and Changa won by 38 kills against 35 and moved to the final round. In the second match Team Tsunami and Prototype Gaming faced each other and Team Tsunami won with 38 kills against 5 advancing to the final round. In the finals, Team Tsunami and Changa competed with each other and Team Tsunami won while dominating the whole match with the result of 39 kills against 0. Team Tsunami won the tournament and was awarded by Samsung Bangladesh with the chance to represent AIUB in the grand final of the championship along with five other teams representing their own universities which will take place on 24th March 2019 at Independent University Bangladesh.

The tournament was graced by the presence of Mr. Manzur H Khan, Director, Office of Student Affairs (OSA), Mr. Abhijit Bhowmik, Senior Assistant Professor, Special Assistant of OSA, Mr. Mashiour Rahman, Associate Professor, Associate Dean of FSIT, Dr. Dip Nandi, Associate Professor, Director of FSIT. They visited the participants and wished them luck followed by a photo session with the participants.