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AIUB Computer Club Organized Seminar on Emerging BigData Buzz and Opportunities for A Data Science in Bangladesh

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AIUB Computer Club, ACC, was proud to greet Professor Dr. Hasan Jamil, Department of Computer Science, University of Idaho, USA for his standalone seminar, “Emerging BigData Buzz and Opportunities for A Data Science Program in Bangladesh” on July 07, 2015 at AIUB Auditorium. Dr. Dip Nandi, Head of Undergraduate Program, FSIT, AIUB introduced him to the audience and stated the necessary of such seminars where we may attain precious pieces of information.

To begin with, Dr. Jamil told everyone about Computer Science on his inception, which is at 80s, and then eventually he floated towards the data science, a discipline. Before jumping on the technical part, he magnificently described the basics as well as fundamental part of Big Data, that is, 4 Vs: Volume – scale of data, Variety – different forms of data, Velocity – analysis of streaming data, Veracity – uncertainty of data. After effectively explaining each factor, he exchanged views, simulation, basic theories, analysis, results and findings, and overall process of his several projects, both completed and ongoing, which made every listener highly wondrous about how people are heavily inclined to this concept of big data and its applications nowadays. However, human beings need information at a fraction of seconds, and thereby, they are now relying severely on Smart devices that helps them connect to such information they seek instantaneously. Consequently, whatever device or platform people are into, it collects and emits data drastically; thus, the demand of automatic, simultaneous computation among big number of data has never been this much necessity in the recent past. On the other hand, ironically, data are not reliable rather it is kind of accurate; resulting, a scope for attaining more efficient computation. In this manner, the requirement of more efficient data mining and more effective graph summarization is what big companies are currently focusing on.That being said, then Dr. Jamil explicitly described what has been done in his project(s), and how it has been done so that participants may have a vivid understanding what needs to be done to kick start in this discipline.

Lastly, Dr. Jamil envisioned the scope for applications or implementation of this field in Bangladesh; especially, in the rapid emerging city, Dhaka. Our day to day problems would be solved if proper solution of a particular problem could be derived from our experience via analysis and statistical approach. This portion of his speech was taken place because of participants’ questions in the QA. That actually concludes how amazing the seminar had passed, and he also said, students’ endeavors should be good enough to make Dhaka a better place with sheer devotion towards this field. Besides, according to a study, Mr. Hasan Jamil stated, in the last two years, 95 – 97 percent faculty members were appointed in the USA who has a prior knowledge as well as a degree on Data Science, which illustrates the buzz and opportunities it provides.

At the end of the seminar, Dr. Tabin Hasan, Head of Graduate Program, FSIT, AIUB, handed over a token of appreciation to Professor Dr. Hasan Jamil along with a photo session with highly dedicated ACC members to store a digital memory of this wonderful occasion that all of the members will be cherishing for a long time.