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With technology leading the way into the future, digitizing and automating every aspect of our daily lives, the Faculty of Science & Information Technology (FSIT) in AIUB has become one of the strongholds of the institution. But with growth, one must always keep pace with the trends. Theoretical knowledge is no longer enough, practical applications and co-curricular experiences are now more crucial than ever. And with that very notion in mind, the AIUB Computer Club (ACC), one of the most active student organizations in the university, celebrated its 6th Foundation Day on the 23rd of September 2018 in the Multipurpose Hall of the campus premises, highlighting their hard work, commitment, and passion towards all things computing, science, and tech. From constructive workshops, informative seminars, innovative competitions, to their annual flagship event, ‘CS Fest’, ACC has constantly evolved themselves and the student community by providing interactive opportunities for personal and professional development in science & IT. The club’s new Executive Committee was announced on this occasion by Mr. Manzur H. Khan, the Director for the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), followed by various other important announcements and commemorative speeches by Mr. Mashiour Rahman, the Associate Dean for the Department of Computer Science, Dr. Dip Nandi, the Director for the FSIT, Dr. Tabin Hasan, the Head of Graduate Programs in FSIT, Mr. Abhijit Bhowmik, the Special Assistant of OSA, Mr. Sharfuddin Mahmood, the Special Assistant of OSA, and Mr. Saef Ullah Miah, the Faculty Member of FSIT and the Founder of ACC. Many other officials were also present. Everyone congratulated the former EC and members on their efforts, bidding them farewell, while wishing the new team all the very best for upholding the triumphs and learnings from the past terms and creating their own legacy in ACC, FSIT, and AIUB.