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AIUB Computer Club (ACC) Orientation Spring 2014-15 & Graduates Party

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Since 13 September, 2012, the birth of AIUB Computer Club (ACC), it is offering students with full of its resource and its interest. From the very beginning the founding members and the governing body of the club are doing their best to take the club to a new height and they have done it with their hard work and dedication. From the group of only 6 members now it has become a very well-known and respective club of AIUB with members around 128. Now it is also recognized as one of the best Computer Club in our country. These glories didn’t come over night.

Day by day ACC is growing larger both in name and fame. Now it has attracted attention of the students who are not only studying in Computer Science Department at AIUB but also from Electrical Engineering Department. It has created a bridge for students to full fill their dreams. The Club provided resources, Information’s and most important it show paths to students who are related to the club and also to those who are not related to the club, so that they can achieve their goals. The slogan of ACC is “Let’s change ourselves, our society, our country with our aptitudes”. To fulfill its aim to change the society day by day the club is expanding in numbers and in continuation the club recruits new members. Recently the club has completed the recruitment process for the 4th time. After finishing the recruitment it’s time to welcome the new members to the club and give them a full view of ACC.

On 28 March, 2015 the time was finally here, for what’s the new and old members were waiting for, Orientation day of AIUB computer Club.   ACC welcomed their new members and greeted them at Campus 5 auditorium. Truth to be told, it was rather a ceremony where, founder and current members were delighted along with the new members. In the ceremony all the members of ACC were present to welcome the new comers to the club. To greet the new members some of fresh graduates from ACC was also presented there, to encourage and to embrace the new members about the journey ahead. And the graduates were: Mohammad SaefUllahMiah, SumaiyaMunira, Sonia Biswas, Fahad Ahmed, Ferdous bin Shad ,Shamsur Rahim Hemel and Pabon.

The Orientation program began at 2 pm. The program started with a speech from Md. HasibulHuq (General Secretary) of the club. First he welcomed the new members to the club then he talked about the background of the club. The slogan and aim of the club. Till today what the club has achieved so far and what for they are aiming. He talked about the biggest event of the club which is simply known as “CS Fest” and how every year the number of participants is growing. He also talked about the opportunities that ACC will provide them to fulfill their dream to work with Microsoft, Mozilla, GDG and BASIS. Then he talked about the workshop that ACC is providing to develop the skills in HTML, CSS, WordPress, and Graphics Design to keep them one step ahead from the curve. He gave a full tour of ACC within his speech to the new comers. Then he invited The Honorable President of the Club,     Md. SamimYasar . He also welcomes the new comers and share his own experience and thoughts with everyone. After that he introduced all the new comers with those who are behind the club and dedicated themselves to make the club what that is now, and they were the founding members and the governing body of the club. Then he asked the members of the governing body to share their thoughts with club’s new members and to give them a warm welcome. From the governing body Niloy Eric Costa (Assistant General Secretary Public Relation), Salman RahmanDesh (Executive Member Design & Décor), RifatJahanAzad(Microsoft Student Partner Lead, AIUB) share their thoughts and experience with the new members.

After the finishing introduction part of the founder and the governing body, it was time for the new comers to introduce themselves to the club. They came to the stage and introduced themselves along with their view and aim for the club. With this the introductory part was over.

After the introductory part was over it was time for  revealing the new logo for the club, and it was inaugurated by SumaiyaMunira who is one of the founder member of the club and the designer of the old logo. She inaugurated the new logo of the club and then she invited Shibly Islam, Designer of the new logo to share his thoughts and views. He came on the stage and share his experience, joy and give some tips for those who are interested in Graphics.

After the orientation part was over it was time for the general meeting among the members of the club where governing bodies talked about the future plan for the club and give advice to the new comers about their duties to the club.

After everything it was time for some entertainment and some ACC members amused everyone with their songs. As it was first day of the new comers so the Graduates Members of ACC gave them a small treat and welcome them to the club and wishes them a successful journey with the club. At the very end of the program it was time for photo session, all the members gather and took photos with everyone. It was really a wonderful afternoon for new comers as they received warm welcome from the club and they left the program with a memory of a good time which they will remember in their life. They left the program with a memory of a good time which they will remember in their life.