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AIUB Computer Club (ACC) Organized Seminar: Recruitment of Hackhouse

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AIUB Computer Club, ACC, was honored to hold an on-spot recruitment seminar of Hackhouse, a startup company in Banani, Dhaka, on May 21, 2015 at Auditorium, AIUB. Distinguished guests from Hack House who made sure the seminar worked out effectively and efficiently are: FahimSaleh– Founder and Managing Director, Md. Abdur Rashid – Creative Director (Gaming), TanmoyAlam– Head of Operations, RifaqatRasheed– Marketing Manager, MahbubulAkram– Game Designer, FarzanaAlam– Junior Game Designer and Md.Samiullah – Office Manager.

The overall presentation was conducted by FahimSaleh, a New York entrepreneur, who has been into web development, or in a manner of speaking coder, since he was only 16. Such motivations were inspirationally received by audience while Mr. Saleh introduced other membersof Hackhouse staff who attended the seminar. He, then, unveiled the foundation of Hackhouse and from where it was originated and its missions, visions in near future. Besides, he exemplified how an idea or a business idea can revolutionize by mentioningUber– an American international transportation network company, which can get you a taxi, private car or rideshare from your mobile phone; however, they do not even own anything, Airbnb–a website for people to rent out lodging having 1,000,000 listings in 34,000 cities and 190 countries, which can help you rent unique accommodations, and last but not the least,, which can make life easier by ordering food online and have it delivered to your doorsteps; likewise, they do not anything respectively. From these evolution, they envision promoting startups to make millions of dollars and welcome creative and self-motivated personnel who has some brilliant idea that they want to work with Hackhouse by promising to deliver the best support by judging on their recent projects; especially, a recent project related to miss call marketing, called CallSpring. Mr. Saleh also made sure the participant see wonderful Hackhouse office.At the end of the seminar, the members of Hackhouse gave away a token of appreciation to each participant to pay their sheer satisfaction derived from this seminar. Overall, no doubt that itwas utterly a successful seminar because of experiencing the flock of interested and enthusiastic students were storming towards them –as soon as QA phase was completed –to know more details about different perspective. ACC was elated to organize this seminar and promises to hold such seminar more for the welfare of the students of AIUB, American International University – Bangladesh.