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AIUB Computer Club (ACC) Organized Seminar on Web Designing

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On 9th March 2020, AIUB Computer Club (ACC) organized a seminar on web designing which was offered by Creative IT Institute. Students from different departments of AIUB attended the seminar at Multipurpose Hall, AIUB. The objective of this seminar was to provide basic knowledge regarding web designing and introducing a 3-day long hands-on program to the students of AIUB.

Mr. Sharfuddin Mahmood, Assistant Professor, Special Assistant [OSA], Department of FSIT, AIUB inaugurated the seminar by welcoming the students to the seminar. He also discussed how this kind of seminar will help the students to develop their career in web designing and other related fields. He finished his speech by welcoming the guests of Creative IT and thanked them for providing the professional knowledge and guidance towards the students of AIUB.

Mr. Nazib Rafe Duke, Head of Business Development, Creative IT Institute commenced his speech by introducing students to the recent trends of web designing. Afterward, he talked about the vast market of web designing in freelancing and other sectors. He also discussed the huge opportunities for Bangladeshi students and graduates to catch up with these markets with the necessary skills. He concluded his speech by offering help from Creative IT to the students regarding issues related to web designing.

Next on the stage was Mr. Sohan Hossain Ean, Department Head (Web), Creative IT Institute, who presented an amazing presentation regarding the increasing use of websites and made the students familiar with the different areas of web designing. Then, being a former student of AIUB, he shared his real-life experiences with the students and advised on different ways to improve their skills. Afterward, he demonstrated an on-spot web frontpage designing to provide a basic idea of the process. He ended his session with the assurance of his support and motivated the students who want to pursue their careers in this sector. He also provided basic knowledge on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Mr. Nazib Rafe Duke concluded the session by thanking everyone for attending the seminar and announced a 3-day long workshop in AIUB premises along with scholarships for future training from Creative IT.

Dr. M. M. Mahbubul Syeed, Associate Professor, Head-In-Charge, Undergraduate Program, FST came to the stage and provided the token of appreciation to the guests.

The event was a massive success and received a huge response from than 300 attendees. AIUB Computer Club (ACC) extends its sincere gratitude towards the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) for the support to organize this seminar.