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AIUB Computer Club (ACC) Organized JARVIS 2.0 – Intra ACC Carnival

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During this pandemic situation, AIUB Computer Club (ACC) is always trying to keep its members active and is encouraging them to take part in different productive activities. With that objective in mind, AIUB Computer Club successfully organized “JARVIS 2.0 – Intra ACC Carnival” on 3rd October 2020 for the second time in the club’s history. Unlike last year, this year’s event was held entirely online due to the COVID-19 situation. The opening ceremony of the event started at 10 AM with the welcome speech by Raihan Gafur, President, AIUB Computer Club, where he welcomed the guests and participants. Afterward, the honorable chief guest Mr. Mashiour Rahman, Associate Dean in Charge, FST, AIUB inaugurated the ceremony with his valuable thoughts and advice. Mr. Rahman talked about the bond between the Department of Computer Science and ACC and how they cooperate to organize events for the betterment of the students.

He encouraged everyone to participate in such events to get the necessary experience for the future. Later, the ceremony was graced by the presence of Mr. Abhijit Bhowmik, Associate Professor,

FST, and Special Assistant of OSA, AIUB. He delivered some words to praise the executives and the members of the AIUB Computer Club to arrange such an event despite the pandemic situation. The opening ceremony was also graced by the presence of Mr. Sharfuddin Mahmood, Assistant Professor, Mr. Raihan Uddin Ahmed, Assistant Professor, and Mr. Rashidul Hasan Nabil, Lecturer, FST, AIUB. This year’s JARVIS 2.0 had five segments and was arranged only for the members of the AIUB Computer Club (ACC) to compete.

There were three submission-based competitions- Photography Contest, Content writing competition, and Logo Design contest. Besides, there were Project Showcasing contests and ICT Olympiads which were held live on 3rd October after the opening ceremony. Project Showcasing started at 12 PM where respected faculty members Mr. Raihan Uddin Ahmed, Mr. Rashidul Hasan Nabil, Mr. Mohaimen-Bin-Noor, Mr. Md. Al-Amin, and ACC alumni Mr. Salman Rahman Desh judged the participants based on the quality and uniqueness of their projects.

The ICT Olympiad was scheduled at 6:30 PM and around 50 participants competed in the competition. All the competitions were held in two categories: Senior and Junior. More than 200 members participated in JARVIS 2.0’s different competitions. There was also a ‘Post Event Adda’ at 9 PM where all the former and present members shared their thoughts and experience regarding the online event. JARVIS 2.0 was supported by Porte Chai and BOSSHOSTBD. The event was hugely successful with a massive response from AIUB Computer Club’s members.