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AIUB Computer Club (ACC) Organized Google Study Jam 2015 – AIUB

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Google Developers Group Dhaka, popularly known as GDG Dhaka, has hosted an event, called Google Android Study Jam Bangladesh 2015, with a view to creating 1000 fresh Android developer nationwide, and they have taken the platform of university students, who obtain prior knowledge of JAVA. That being stated, GDG Dhaka, with the help of AIUB Computer Club, ACC, jointly organized a four weeks study jam for AIUBians at American International University – Bangladesh (AIUB) starting from September 05, 2015. Number of students had registered to constitute their place, but they were chosen by GDG Dhaka themselves.

Each week, one session of 6 hours was held by Mr. Fayme Shahriar, the instructor, and students were tutored and demonstrated the resources or materials provided in Udacity, hosting online classes taught by top instructors and industry experts. As this was an online course, participants had to submit their assignment after each session, which had been monitored by Udacity itself. Besides, participants as well as the instructor were privileged by the hospitality of ACC, ensuring students would receive the perfect setup at the laboratory in order to work with Android environment and be given meal. Additionally, it was hardly found a moment where the interaction between participants and the instructor was not eventful. At the end of the workshop, a final project is supposed to be submitted by each attendee at Udacity’s classroom for the completion and to attain the certificate.

All in all, the success and the outlook of this workshop cannot be overstated, and ACC, as well as the participants, was so proud to stand upright on GDG Dhaka’s endeavor. Likewise, they were enthralled experiencing the feedback from everyone who actively or passively takes part of Google Study Jam 2015 – AIUB. Conversely, participants expressed it was the boost they sought in developing Android and promised they would be exploring further in this ever growing field.