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AIUB Computer Club (ACC) Organized Awareness Program on Cloud Computing and Big Data

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AIUB Computer Club (ACC) and Dev Skill have managed to organize a seminar called “Awareness Program on Cloud Computing and Big Data”. The seminar was held on 6th April, 2015 at AIUB Campus 5 auditorium from 4 pm to 7 pm.

In this seminar present guest were Mr. MoshiurRahman, Asst. Professor and Director, FIST, AIUB ,TabinHasan, Head, Graduate Program, Computer Science, AIUB, Mr. JalaUddin, CEO, Dev Skill, Sheikh Abdullah Al Jubair, Senior Software Engineer, Dev Skill, Mohammad SaefUllahMiah, Lecturer, AIUB,Asif Ur Rahman, Lecturer, AIUB, the members of the AIUB Computer Club (ACC) and the students of AIUB. The seminar began with the speech of our Honorable MoshiurRahman sir. He talked a little bit about the seminar and why we need to know about it. Then he invited Mr. Jalal Uddin on the stage and to give the students a full view on the seminar and to share his speech with students.

Mr. JalaUddin began his speech by giving the students a little bit idea about Dev Skill and what they do, then he moved to the topic and started to describe what the seminar about. He told the students that the seminar was mainly about Cloud Computing, giving the students guideline about stating Cloud Computing and removing their miss concept about Cloud Computing.

In his speech, he emphasized the importance and discussed about the main elements of the Cloud Computing such as

·         Elastic Capacity: Scaling up down in minutes.

·         Quick and Easy Deployment: IT infrastructure is no longer a barrier.

·         Pay as go, for what you see: Pay for service by hour, Pay for the storage per gigabyte per month.

·         No CapEx, No initial investment: No investment, No termination fees, Clear Pricing model.

·         Automation, Reusable Components: Better management tools and Focus on actual requirement.

He also said how nowadays Business Companies are moving to Cloud Computing and utilizing Big Data for Success. He added that Cloud Computing is no longer a Buzz Word, It has become very much popular in IT Industries. Then he invited Abdullah Al Jubair on the stage and to talk more about its usages.

Abdullah Al Jubair mainly talked about the technical sites of the Cloud Computing and gave the students a closer look to the cloud computing. He discussed about the Vertical and Horizontal Scaling, Load Balancing, VHDS and Disks as well as he gave us a demo about this particular subject. He also gave students basic views over LAAS, PAAS, SAAS, and talked how students will be benefited by using Cloud Computing. After that, He gave students a demo how cloud computing works and showed the facilities that anyone can get with the help of computer clouding.

At the end, students asked him about the privacy of the Cloud and if it has any kind disadvantages for the users or not.

In reply to the question, He said that cloud follows some standard so it maintains its privacy and as far as disadvantage is concerned, they have good security configuration.

To end with, we’re proud fully satisfied to finish this seminar successfully and we’re looking forward to having this kind of seminar in future too.