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On 24th October, 2018 AIUB Computer Club (ACC) organized a Seminar titled “Unfolding Version Control Tools: GIT” at the Multipurpose Hall, Annex 7, American International University-Bangladesh, Permanent Campus as a continuous process of Industry attachment with students. The objective of this seminar was to enlighten students on the use of version control tools.
Muhammad Humayun, Technical Lead, Workspace Infotech Limited inaugurated the seminar by welcoming everyone by delivering an incisive speech, where he discussed on the history of virtual control system and its evolution through an informative presentation. The second speaker, Zahedul Islam, Lead Software Engineer, Workspace Infotech Limited gave an eminent speech, discussing on the various web-based version control repository hosting services and gave a hand on example of creating a new GIT project. Later on, Mahmud Hasan from Workspace Infotech Limited came on to the stage to briefly discuss the basic construction and commands of GIT including Branching and Hotflix.
The event came to its conclusion with the motivational speech from Dr. Tabin Hasan, Associate Professor and head of graduate program, Faculty of Science and Information Technology, AIUB where he thanked the participants for attending the seminar and encouraged them to learn the use of various tools. Afterwards, the token of appreciations was provided to the guests by Dr. Tabin Hasan, the Head of Graduate Programs in FSIT and Mr. Abhijit Bhowmik, Senior Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science and Information Technology and Special Assistant of OSA. A group photo was taken with all the participants at the end of the seminar.