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The dream of 6 Founding Members and the demand of all CS students, AIUB Computer Club to be the best technology club of AIUB as well as in the country has become reality in every aspect. It is doing many events not only in university premises but also in nationwide programs and Govt. programs associated with ICT Ministry of Bangladesh. AIUB Computer Club set up in 2012 September 13th. Now in 2015 AIUB Computer Club celebrated it’s 3rd  Foundation day in September 13th .

The executive members and general members of AIUB Computer Club Celebrate it with Ms. Nadia Anwar Founder and Vice President, Student Affairs, AIUB Mr. Manzur H Khan Director, Office of Student Affairs, AIUB , Abhijit Bhowmik Assistant Professor and Special Assistant, Office of Student Affairs, AIUB, Shama Islam Special Assistant, Office of Student Affairs, Md. Rakibul Alam Jr. Executive, Office of Student Affairs, AIUB.  Ms. Nadia Anwar cut the first cake of 3rd Foundation day and give well wishes to the club members.

AIUB Computer Club Members also celebrate this day with all the Faculty members of Faculty of Science and Information Technology. In this part of the event the special guest were Mashiour Rahman Director, FSIT , Dr. Dip Nandi  Head (Undergraduate Program), FSIT , Dr. Tabin Hasan Head (Graduate Program), FSIT. They also whishes the members of AIUB Computer Club. Then the special guests and Founder of ACC , ex-president Md. Saef Ullah Miah, Lecturer, FSIT,AIUB with  Vice- President of ACC Tawseef Khan and General Secretary of ACC  Md. Hasibul Huq cut cakes to celebrate the 3rd foundation day.

In conclusion, ACC is now one of the biggest and most successful clubs in American International University-Bangladesh by its different activities over the years ever since the club was started with 60 active members from all different discipline within AIUB. Now it has 160 members including Current members and Alumni members.