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AIUB Computer Club (ACC) arranged a virtual conference for announcing the New Executive Committee of the club

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On 7th May 2021, AIUB Computer Club organized a general meeting virtually to disclose the ‘Executive Panel effective from Summer ’21’ using the online platform ‘Google Meet’.

The host was Raihan Gafur, Former President, ACC who initiated the meeting at 8:15 PM. He greeted everyone and introduced Md. SaefUllah Miah, Former Assistant Professor, FST, AIUB. Following that, Rashidul Hasan Nabil, Lecturer, FST, AIUB, Niloy Eric Costa, Former Assistant General Secretary – Public  Relation, ACC, and Md. Hasibul Huq, Former President, ACC joined the session and mentioned a few words about Mr. Miah and club evolution. The session was also graced by Mr. Manzur H Khan, Director, AIUB, Shama Islam, Special Assistant of OSA, AIUB, Abhijit Bhowmik, Associate Professor and Special Assistant of OSA, AIUB, and Sharfuddin Mahmood, Lecturer, FST, AIUB and Special Assistant of OSA.

Mr. Gafur mentioned the purpose of the meeting which was to declare the new executive committee compelling from Summer ’21. Then, he bestowed the floor to Mr. Khan. He uttered a few words about the glory, legacy, and history of ACC. Then, he cited the names of the executive panel members according to their positions. Afterward, he also added about the prestige and honour of the club that assisted American International University – Bangladesh (AIUB) to reach a new height. He expected that the club events would continue to advertise the brand both inward and outward of AIUB. Expecting more from the executive committee, he thanked the former executive committee. Ms. Islam also congratulated the new committee. Mr. Bhowmik conveyed felicitation to the current committee and advised them to develop the club justly. Mr. Miah wished the committee good fortune. Mr. Mahmood encouraged the new executive board members to about innovations by mentioning the glorious history of the club. He thanked the former committee and motivated them to help the current committee. Also, Mr. Huq added some advice and suggestions. Eventually, Mr. Gafur congratulated the new executive committee and concluded the meeting by 9 PM.

The session had the presence of about 80+ members that also included executives, former executives, alumni, and general members who extended the meeting for a little while with some gossip and fun.