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Workshop on Introduction to DevOps, SRE, and DevSecOps

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On 29th February 2024 AIUB Computer Club organized a workshop named “Introduction to DevOps, SRE, and DevSecOps” at 8.30PM via Google meet. The workshop was tagged with the phrase “Technology is society made durable.” The speaker of the workshop was Mr. Shaharia Sifat (Senior system engineer and SRE cloud expert at Meghna Cloud). 

The honorable speaker was welcomed to host this workshop by Mr. Niloy Roy (President of AIUB Computer Club). Accelerating knowledge of emerging technologies and improving DevOps skills were the primary goals of the workshop. The presenter began the workshop by providing an overview of SRE, DevOps, and DevSecOps to the participants. He explained how software is developed, going over the DevOps methodology, agile development, and the conventional waterfall model. Mr. Shaharia gave an example of the difficulties involved in the development and launch of new features using Case 2011: Facebook. Then he went on to discuss the dark launching technique and how the core components of the DevOps lifecycle are continuous development, testing, integration, deployment, and monitoring. Software development and IT operations are combined in a set of practices called DevOps, which speeds up the delivery of apps and services.

He explored further details about the DevOps lifecycle phase and the tools used for code versioning during this phase, such as GitHub and Git. Additionally, Mr. Shaharia demonstrated the advantages of DevOps, including a quicker time to market, greater productivity, higher customer satisfaction, and lower costs. In the meantime, Mr. Abhijit Bhowmik (Special Assistant for the Office of Student Affairs and Associate Professor of Computer Science at AIUB) attended the meeting and offered encouragement to those in attendance who were extremely interested in DevOps. Mr. Abhijit thanked the speaker and everyone present for being a part of the workshop and wished to held more workshops like this in higher level in future. 

Next, Mr. Shaharia explained Site Reliability Engineering, or SRE. A collection of procedures known as software engineering and operations (SRE) is used to create and manage scalable and dependable systems. He gave an overview of SRE’s main ideas and advantages. The speaker then gave a comparison of Devops, DevOps, and SRE to the audience. He explained Docker, a software platform that makes it possible to quickly develop, test, and launch applications. The next platform he described was called Kubernetes. He also elaborated on Kubernetes cluster and application development with Kubernetes and provided a visual representation of how a DevOps professional can begin their career while assisting the attendees. He continued by demonstrating the operation of the AIUB server and the technology it makes use of. Additionally, the speaker demonstrated how DevOps functions in real time. 

Mr. Shaharia Sifat engaged the audience in a Q&A session following this section, which was immensely helpful. The meeting was concluded by Mr. Tamim Hasan Apurbo (General secretary of AIUB Computer Club) who also expressed gratitude to the honorable speaker and everyone for attending the workshop. Participants in this well-attended workshop gained a better understanding of SRE, DevOps, and DevSecOps. Around ninety people joined the workshop and showed their enthusiasm.