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Workshop on Roadmaps of Content Writing: Become a Content Wizard

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On November 26, 2023 AIUB Computer Club organized a workshop named “Roadmaps of Content Writing: Become a Content Wizard” at 8.00 PM via Google meet. The speaker of the workshop was Mintajur Rahman Emon (Former Assistant General Secretary of Media and Publication, AIUB Computer Club).

The main purpose of the workshop was to provide students the opportunity to learn the fundamental skills they need to write well both in academic and day-to-day life. The speaker began the session by showing the agendas of the workshop and started with the introduction of the content writing, pillars of content writing, examples and structures, brainstorming, feedback approach, summary, and action items. He explained the importance of effective communication and dynamic content to make sure the message is delivered to the audience clearly. He encouraged everyone to think out of the box to create modern versions of old use cases. Additionally, Abhijit Bhowmik (Associate Professor of CSE at AIUB and Special Assistant, Office of Student Affairs) joined the meeting and inspired the audience to focus more on content writing skills and appreciated the workshop for its purpose.

Mr. Mintajur then highlighted four considerable pillars of content writing. He continued by talking about the examples of contents and their structure. Then he briefly discussed how to write social media captions, reports, press release, article, thesis and explained how the content should be structured. The speaker also talked about how a writer might use digital brainstorming to collect fresh, impactful ideas that will appeal to a certain audience. Later, he discussed how the feedback strategy will connect the audience with the work and aid in understanding their needs. He then inquired about the platform that the audience used to compose their articles.

There was a question answer session at the end. Mr. Mintajur Rahman took a while to answer all the questions asked by the attendees, which helped them to clear their confusion and get a clear view on the overall session. Lastly, Ms. Tunaj and Ms. Lamyea concluded the session at 9:30 PM and conveyed their appreciation to the speaker and former executive committee members who attended, as well as to the participants. The workshop was a great success with nearly 60 participants and motivated the attendees to consider pursuing further skills in content writing.