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AIUB Computer Club Organized a Virtual Workshop on ‘Introduction to Quality Assurance’

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Workshop on Quality Assurance

AIUB Computer Club (ACC) arranged another virtual workshop called ‘Introduction to Quality Assurance’ on 26th November 2021 using the online platform ‘Google Meet’. The session was executed by the Former Assistant General Secretary – Accounts, ACC, Samiul Haque Shovon who is currently working as a Software Engineer QA at Tiger IT Bangladesh Ltd. The objective of the workshop was to provide the members a better grasp regarding software quality assurance, its demand, and career benefits.

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On a warm note the host, Habiba Nasreen, Assistant General Secretary – Media And Publication, ACC initiated the session at 7:30 PM by welcoming the participants and introducing the speaker. Speaking regarding the basic contents of the workshop, she bestowed the ground to him. Mr. Shovon thanked the host and before proceeding he asked the attendees to participate actively in the workshop to make it interactive. He began by sharing why he opted for this career platform and how he got involved. Then he defined a quote, “Don’t just fix the bugs; fix whatever permitted the bugs in the first place!”. Mentioning the contents of the session, he asked the participants about quality terms. Hearing out their responses he started with informing over quality, quality assurance, software testing, and then its importance. He further spoke of the process model and testing life cycle with the reality-based scenario. Meanwhile, the session was graced by the advisor of ACC, Abhijit Bhowmik, Associate Professor and Special Assistant, OSA, AIUB, and was greeted by Abdur Rahman Emon, General Secretary, ACC. Mr. Bhowmik notified that the session on QA and all the previous workshops arranged by AIUB Computer Club as important to know because having well knowledge of everything helps to choose the right career as well as to achieve the top position for an individual. He talked about the competitive analysis for a QA position. Then, he concluded that knowing more from such workshops helps to put more weight on CV, so suggested grabbing the opportunities by participating. After that, Ms. Nasreen introduced the alumni present in the session, Abdullah Al Faruque Sojol, Former President, ACC, Md. Nashif Iftekhar, Former Vice President, ACC, Md. Shahriar Rahman, Former Assistant General Secretary – Event Coverage And Post Production, ACC, Noor A Aysha, Former Assistant General Secretary – Public Relation, ACC, and others. After a few moments of interaction with each other, Mr. Shovon proceeded towards describing QA vs testing in terms of definition, focus, orientation, activity type, and aim. Software testing methodologies include functional, nonfunctional, and maintenance testing; each of their elements was discussed. Also, the difference between manual and automation testing was informed. Afterward, along with informing about the test plan and test case, he analyzed how to write it. Later, he ended the contents by providing a theory of validation and verification and important knowledge of tools used in software quality assurance and testing. For better consideration, he showed the participants how to test and ensure bug-free products with a website. The participants walked through the steps of the total process of software quality assurance with good illustrations of practical scenarios and examples. Having almost three and half years of experience in the job field, he gave importance to doing the particular courses for quality assurance also notified that to be not mandatory instead prioritized on self-learning. He took frequent queries and exchanged responses with the participants for their well understanding and clarification of the contents. Finally, he demonstrated the current job prospects and income ranges in the industry to the participants and provided suggestions on how to prepare oneself.

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The session grabbed the participants’ sincere attention and Mr. Shovon appreciated their continuous and unhesitatingly asked queries. Around 75 members joined the workshop making it a record of the highest participated virtual workshop event. Eventually, Ms. Nasreen thanked the speaker for conducting such a wonderful workshop then concluded the session around 11 PM.

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