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Workshop on design thinking and ideation on Applink

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A workshop on “Design thinking and ideation on Applink” was arranged by the AIUB Computer Club (ACC) and was held on July 24th, 2022, at 11 p.m. The workshop was held in Building Annex 3, AIUB. The workshop was hosted by a member of the Applink team.

The workshop started with a morning wish and a lecturer of the Applink team started to deliver valuable lectures about the whole process of the workshop. The main purpose of the workshop was to find out some interesting ideas for the new generation’s future. The conductor described the process of how and what needs to be in the idea proposal. All the students of the workshop were managed by the volunteers, and they made several teams each containing three members. The students were told how this idea can improve the technology in Bangladesh. After that, a certain time was given for each team to present their ideas. All the teams presented their ideas and the Applink team chose the best 2 ideas from the students. The top teams were selected to get gifts from the Applink team.

After the competition, the students were advised to do more research on app ideas for the welfare of the people. The Applink team shared some memory of theirs and previous competitions. After that, the workshop concluded at 2 pm.

This workshop brought a huge advantage to the students in generating new ideas. About 60 students were present in the workshop. At the end, the Applink crew members wished the audiences the best of luck for their future.