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The Secrets To Industry Demand Writing

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A workshop on “The Secrets To Industry Demand Writing” was arranged by AIUB Computer Club (ACC) on 22nd March, 2023.The workshop was conducted by MD. Mintajur Rahman Emon,  Assistant General Secretary, Media and publication, AIUB Computer Club (ACC). The host of the workshop was Nafisa Hossain, Assistant General Secretary, Media and publication, AIUB Computer Club (ACC).

The main purpose of the workshop was to give guidance towards revealing writing skills to create powerful and effective content that will stand out in today’s competitive world. Ms. Hossain inaugurated the workshop by introducing the speaker to the attendees. At the beginning of the session, Mr. Mintajur welcomed the participants and gave the workshop a portrayal of coherent content.

Afterwards, Mr. Mintajur outlined who can pursue content writing as a profession and discussed the step by step preparation towards becoming an engaging writer. The speaker also emphasized the importance of content writing in today’s digital world and how it can make or break a business. Subsequently, participants were given guidance regarding the enhancement of their content authoring across several platforms.

Then the most trending aspect was discussed by the speaker, which was a comparative discussion about content generation capabilities between humans and artificial intelligence (AI). He illustrated why human capabilities are more superior than the bots and all other limitations that AI has. He also advised the participants not to completely rely on AI which will eventually kill one’s power of generating ideas and thinking. Later, Mr. Mintajur talked about the industry of writing and its scope for people to grab as a profession. Several platforms and tools were mentioned during the session that are helpful for career development in content writing sectors. 

The workshop ended up with an interactive question – answer session between the speaker and the participants. At the very end, Niloy Roy, General Secretary, AIUB Computer Club gave a short speech on developing careers according to ones passions and hobbies. The participants thanked AIUB Computer Club for arranging such an inspiring and well organized workshop. Around 60 attendees were present at the workshop which gave the workshop a successful figure.