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GDG Dhaka MapUp Train

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Google Developer Group Dhaka, a.k.a GDG Dhaka, and AIUB Computer Club, ACC, jointly held an event called “GDG Dhaka MapUp Train, Google Summer of Code” on March 14, 2014 at AIUB, Campus 5, CL – 9 commencing from 3 pm till 5 pm. It was an event belongs to the participants, who would share their knowledge to identify personal areas, regions, organizations, or even more interesting like popular visitors or tourists places, routes from one destination to other, cafés, university premises, and so on by the help of Google Map Maker. The buzz for this event was remarkable, and AIUB students registered willingly to be a part of it.
It was our honor to have Arif Nezami, Mynul Kabir, Billal Hossain, Sakhaout Hossain, Yasir Adnan, and Sakib Sami from GDG Dhaka among ourselves. They convey their thoughts by short speeches as well. They explicitly let the participants know what it is about, especially, Google Map. Besides, we had Mohammad Saef Ullah Miah, President (ACC), Md Remo, General Secretary(ACC), Tawseef Khan, MD Hasibul Huq, Fba Shad, and Ratul Minhaz from ACC.

With tons of enthusiasm and expectations, lots of participants were present at the event, and greeted pleasantly. On the top of that, there was a competition taken in place on how many places, within Dhaka City, they can mark on Google Map. At the end of this competition, 10 participants were awarded with a T shirt by our president. It was rather a cheerful competition for them since they had attained the zest out of mapping and identifying places on the virtual world. Not forget to mention, participants’ performance was eye catching and praiseful, resulting, the competition was commendable. Apart from that, all of the participants were provided with a GDG certified certificate. To end with, we’re profoundly satisfied to finish this event successfully, and we are looking forward to having this kind of events in future too.