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Exploration Through Structure and Properties of AL3+ Dopped Ni-Zn-Co Ferrites

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On 17th July, 2023, AIUB Computer Club (ACC) organized a seminar on “Exploration Through Structure and Properties of AI3+ Dopped Ni-Zn-Co Ferrites” at the Multipurpose Hall (D Building) of American International University-Bangladesh. The seminar started at 3:30 PM in the presence of the honorable Mashiour Rahman, Sir (Dean-In-Charge, Faculty of Science and Technology), respected faculty members, and passionate students. The main objective of the seminar was to explore the mechanism of the AI3+ dopped Ni-Zn-Co Ferrites.

The seminar consisted of two phases. In the inauguration part, Dr. Mohammad Mahbub Rabbani (Associate Professor of Natural Science, Chemistry) gave a brief idea to the audience about spinel materials, nanomaterials, and microbiological resources and highlighted the importance of those materials. After the discussion, Dr. S. Mosaddeq Ahmed (Department Head of Natural Science, Chemistry) took the floor to give some more insights about the seminar. He thanked all the faculty members who joined the seminar and encouraged Dr. Nusrat Jahan for her initiative in taking this knowledgeable seminar. Afterwards, he requested Dr. Humayra Ferdous (Department Head of Natural Science, Physics) to come on stage and share her thoughts about the seminar. Dr. Ferdous gave a brief introduction about material science, nanotechnology, and particle matter and mentioned the benefits of the materials that will be discussed in the seminar. 

After that, Dr. Dip Nandi (Professor and Associate Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology) shared the usefulness of the seminar and introduced the respected speaker of the seminar, Dr. Nusrat Jahan to the audience. Dr. Nusrat took the floor, and by welcoming everyone, she introduced the structure and properties of different Ferrites. In addition, Dr. Nusrat demonstrated the high frequency, biomedical magnetization, and quantum dot of AL doping in Ni-Zn-Co. A graphical figure of Nano Spinel Ferrites was displayed in the slideshow. She explained the characterization technique and presented the results of forming a single-phase spinel structure. Dr. Nusrat also mentioned the step-by-step process of cation diffraction and oxygen position parameters of bulk ferrites where Lattice Constants decrease (8.3859 A to 8.3745 A). Moreover, she explained the well-fitted tetrahedral and octahedral sites with cations that indicate the oxygen position along with SAED patterns of atomic panels and strong crystallinity. She also presented various spectra analysis of symmetric vibration and metal bonding of oxygen and UV energy graphs. Lastly, she ended her session by explaining some Nano compositions with an exothermic pattern, cracks, single electrical cubic phases, and cation redistribution from the M-H Loop. Dr. Nusrat then shared the experience of her structural analysis and biomedical science research with students.

At the very end, an engaging Q&A session followed the presentation, allowing faculty members and participants to interact with the speaker and gain further clarification on the topics that were discussed. After that, Dr. S. Mosaddeq Ahmed and other faculty members came on stage to thank the speaker with a token of appreciation and handed over a crest as a symbol of her contribution to the seminar. The seminar concluded successfully with the responses of over 100 students and the engagement of faculty members.