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Daily task with Excel basics

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Starting with freshmen up to seniors, it may be difficult to understand and maintain a well-balanced data-driven world to develop analytical skills. Then how to cope with it seems to be quite difficult. As a result, the AIUB Computer Club (ACC) organized a session titled “Be Excellent in Daily Tasks with Excel Basics” that took place on July 24, 2022, at 5 o’clock in room 1101 (annex 1), AIUB. Mohammad Nur Newaz Oyon, a general member of the ACC, led the workshop.

Before the program started, the workshop’s host and leader, Mr. Newaz, greeted everyone and gave a brief overview of the topic. He brought up the subject by outlining the rationale behind the workshop’s scheduling and providing an explanation of its significance for the days to come. Excel offers quick, precise, and understandable answers to even the most challenging analytical problems, whether somebody is looking at product sales, determining which marketing strategies resulted in the highest conversion rates, or wondering how pricing has changed over the previous ten years. The workshop’s major goal was to help the listeners develop analytical skills, which are in short supply but in extremely high demand, as well as the ability to turn data into insight and spark a leading charge and, of course, how to succeed on that.

He explained what excel is and what the listeners can do. He gave a brief overview of topics like data organization and data analysis in Excel software and its features. To make everyone’s job easier, he disclosed shortcuts for entry and made calculations like addition, summation, subtraction, avj, random, percentage, sumif, countif, and iferror formulas. After covering the fundamentals, he gradually went on to more complex subjects, such as creating letter people from data and graphs from data.

The workshop was finished at 7:50 p.m. by Mr. Newaz Since the workshop covered such an important subject, the students were able to ask the speaker a variety of questions and gained knowledge from the speaker’s responses. The speaker and the audience had many interactive discussion sessions during the presentation, which clarified every issue. The workshop was attended by about 60 students. Mr. Newaz eventually gave everyone his best wishes to conclude the meeting.