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Biggest Festival of Logo Design with BASIS

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On June 4, 2022, the BASIS Students’ Forum – AIUB Chapter hosted a workshop titled “Biggest Festival of Logo Design with BASIS” to help students from all across Bangladesh learn about the need for a new logo for BASIS. This workshop’s only purpose was to familiarize all participants with the fundamentals of logo design by using Adobe Illustrator, and to ensure that all participants have a firm grasp of the logo design competition by BASIS. In the workshop, the winner got special recognition and honour from BASIS. Maliha Tasnuva, Executive, BASIS Students’ Forum – AIUB Chapter, supervised the session via the virtual “Zoom” platform.

Beginning with a brief speech on witticism, Prantika Biswas Sneha, Executive, BASIS Students’ Forum – AIUB Chapter, set the tone for the program. Maliha Tasnuva, the speaker, was then introduced. Ms. Tasnuva started off the conversation by laying the groundwork for the logo’s design and positioning. Later, she elaborates on the logo’s use of many forms of diversity. The session was split into half so that everyone could work on different tasks. Ms. Tasnuva intended the session for students with little or no prior experience. She followed the herd and gave a presentation on the basics of Adobe Illustrator, including its most important connections and components. Then, she walked in front of the group and demonstrated how to construct the BASIS logo’s triangular state by referring back to the polygon.

The discussion was made more interesting by the participation of Associate Professor and Special Asst., Office of Student Affairs, AIUB, Abhijit Bhowmik, who gave advice on pursuing a career in planning and outlined the steps necessary to succeed in this kind of competition. He praised the presenter for organizing a fantastic workshop and urged the audience to participate actively in the next encounter. Md. Toufiq Elahi Plabon, Executive, Web and IT, Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS), added a hopeful note to the session by displaying the logos of a few diligent students.

Ms. Maliha continued by asking the participants about their logo design experience and connecting them with each other to answer their questions. Finally, she persuaded the members to compete in BASIS’s main logo-designing rivalry and win the title. By the end of the Workshop, Ms. Sneha had persuaded all of the attendees to take part in the challenge. To submit their works, students required to compile their images (jpg, png, and the ai files) into a single archive and email it to with their name in the subject line. The deadline for logo submissions was June 15th, 2022. The session concluded with great pleasant among the participants.