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AIUB Computer Club (ACC) Organized a Virtual Workshop on “The Art of Writing A Good CV’”

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AIUB Computer Club organized a workshop on ‘The Art of Writing A Good CV’ on 28th January 2021 for its members to guide them towards the first step of entering the corporate world, writing an adequate CV or Resume. The workshop was conducted by the former Assistant General Secretary (Graphic Design) of AIUB Computer Club, Md. Saif Islam, CEO & Co-Founder, Ayoojon using the online flatform ‘Google Meet’. Debashish Dey, Member, AIUB Computer Club started the workshop as a host and inaugurated the event at 6 pm by introducing the speaker Md. Saif Islam. Then Mr. Islam started the session by stating the importance of a satisfactory CV. He also introduced everyone to the difference between a CV and a Resume. Then he gave an explicit presentation on a different aspect of a superior CV like what information should be or should not be in a CV/Resume, how to organize the information in the CV/Resume etc. Mr. Islam had advised attendees on how to present themselves in a CV properly so that he/she could get the proper attention of the recruiters. He also informed attendees about recent trends of writing a resume based on his experience. Finally, he finished the session by showing some examples of good CV/Resume. Mr. Islam welcomed questions from attendees throughout the session which helped attendees to clear their doubts and confusion. The workshop got immense response from a huge number of members of the AIUB Computer Club. The attendees came informed about a good CV/Resume in this whole process. Mr. Saif Islam concluded the workshop by thanking all the attendees for the response.