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AIUB Computer Club (ACC) Successfully Organized a Virtual Workshop on “Graphic Design”

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On 11th July 2020,  AIUB Computer Club (ACC) in collaboration with AIUB Performing Arts Club (APAC) and, AIUB Social Welfare Club-Shomoy successfully arranged a virtual workshop on “Graphic Design”. This was ACC’s third virtual workshop during the COVID-19 pandemic using the Jitsi Meet platform. The workshop was conducted by Pritam Saha Keerthi, UI/UX, Motion Designer, Softlakes Digital, and Vice-President, ACC, who provided the fundamental knowledge for the beginners in graphic designing and also introduced different must-know tools of this domain.

Abrar Rafid, General Secretary, ACC inaugurated the workshop at 3:00 PM with his welcome speech. He introduced the speaker and talked about the profile of the speaker and the learning outcome of the workshop. Then, Pritam Saha Keerthi commenced his session with the definition of Graphic Design. He divided his speech into two sessions: Introduction session and Practical Session. In the Introduction session, he specified all the basic and prominent elements of graphic design and elaborated on each element with examples. As this was an introductory workshop on graphic designing, Mr. Keerthi took his time to explain each of the term in-depth, which helped the attendees to develop a clear concept on the them. During the second session of the workshop, he illustrated the design of a “Cover Photo” which he made using Adobe Photoshop and described the different aspects of that design. Then, he gave different important tips that could come handy for a graphic designer. Afterward, he shared a document containing different basic and important information about graphic design with the participants. He concluded his speech by answering different queries of the participants and also encouraged them to contact him in the future regarding any issues related to graphic design.

Abrar Rafid concluded the workshop by expressing his gratitude towards the speaker and thanked the club members for attending the event. He encouraged them to attend the upcoming workshops and seminars in order to become more productive during the ongoing global pandemic. The workshop has around 50 participants and was hugely successful as the attendees praised the presentation.