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The AIUB Computer Club [ACC] has long been a growing member of AIUB’s co-curricular community, with increasing number of applicants eagerly awaiting recruitment every semester. On the 18th of February 2016, after completing the selection process, ACC finally held its Member Orientation for Spring ’15-’16.

Alumni and founding members began the program by sharing their experiences to inspire the new members to pursue their dreams in the digital arena. The members of the existing executive committee took turns in introducing the club and its activities, familiarizing the new members with the club’s history and culture. The ceremony came to a close with each new recruit presenting themselves to the club with brief introductions about their expectations as a member of ACC. The seniors arranged a small treat for the new members, commencing with a photo session of the entire member base of the club.

The club has indeed geared up for the upcoming semesters with their new members, holding great promise of many more constructive projects and programs that not only hone the talent of their members, but of the AIUB student body altogether.