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The quality of life is determined by its activities. And for a student, that is measured by the world beyond classrooms or books – amidst performance arts, debating, photography, and other cultural and co-curricular activities, that not only shape their identities, but nurture their personal and professional development as well. And that has always been a priority as the American International University – Bangladesh (AIUB). Besides theoretical knowledge imparted in lectures, students have long been engaged in practical applications through various projects, workshops, and tournaments across a multitude of areas in arts, business, science, and engineering, not just in their coursework, but augmented to that through the proactive club community that thrives in AIUB. Under the guidance of the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), spearheaded by the Vice President, Ms. Nadia Anwar, AIUB boasts over 15 dynamic student organizations that work relentlessly throughout the semesters on a number of different programs for their respective clubs and the university. The AIUB Performing Arts Club (APAC), the AIUB Drama Club (ADC), the AIUB Oratory Club (AOC), the AIUB Social Welfare Club (Shomoy), the AIUB Arts Club (AAC), the AIUB Photography Club (AIUBPC), the AIUB Business Club (ABC), the AIUB Film Club (AFC), the AIUB Computer Club (ACC), the IEEE AIUB Student Branch (IEEE-AIUB SB), the AIUB Community of Engineering Students (ACES), the Engineering Students of Bangladesh – AIUB Unit Face (ESAB-AIUB), AIESEC in AIUB, are amongst some of the prominent student organizations at the university. Even in the current pandemic, under lockdown, the student clubs have kept the streak alive of continuously striving for enhancing and enriching the club community and the student body at AIUB. On the 10th of November 2020, a brief session was arranged by OSA, where nearly 60 members of Club Executive Committees (ECs) had the opportunity to present their activities and achievements of the year, as well as their plans for the coming term. Since the start of the year, there have been over 18 competitions, 55 webinars, 75 workshops, and 100 interactive development meetings held by the student clubs, using numerous virtual platforms like Facebook, Messenger, Google Meet, Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Jitsi, Discord, etc. In addition, there were also national conferences, alumni sessions, cultural programs as well as international participations, features, and recognitions amongst the clubs.  Ms. Anwar also discussed the progress and prospects with the Club ECs, addressed some queries from the EC members regarding the initiatives of the clubs for the future. She further encouraged and enlightened their innovative ideas for the clubs for the following semester, acknowledging and praising their efforts and contribution in building and promoting the cultural affairs of the university, in hope of continuing the pursuit for co-curricular excellence on and off campus.