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AIUB Celebrated AIUB CS Fest 2017

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AIUB Celebrated AIUB CS Fest 2017
27 Dec,2017

American International University- Bangladesh celebrated this years’ “AIUB CS Fest 2017” from 5th December, 2017 to 7th December, 2017. The three days long event was organized by the help of AIUB management and AIUB Computer Club. The Fest was inaugurated by the honorable Vice President of Office of Student Affairs, Nadia Anwar on their permanent campus premises. Dr. Charles C Villanueva-The Pro Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Tafazzal Hossain-The Vice President(Academics) and Dean of Computer Science Department, Mashiour Rahman-Director of Computer Science, Dr. Dip Nandi- The head of Under Graduate program, Dr. Tabin Hasan- The Head of Graduate Program, faculty members of different departments, other respected persons and the student of the university were present in the ceremony.

The visit of the honorable chairman of BASIS, Mostofa Jobbar made the fest more cheerful. He visited the fest along with Prof.Dr. Tafazzal Hossan and praised the works and innovations of the different students.

Different competitions were organized in the fest. The students from different departments participated in different types of competitions. The competitions organized in AIUB CS Fest 2017 are App showcasing, Poster/Concept Presentation, Idea Prototyping, Networking Contest, Programming Contest, ICT Quiz, Mathematics Olympiad, Content/Story writing. The App showcasing contest had three categories which are mobile, desktop and web. On the other hand the junior programming contest had two categories which are junior and senior.

Around 66 teams participated in App showcasing contest. Among them team ‘Iterator’ took the champion trophy in desktop category, team ‘Rigan’ got first place in web category and “team Bangle Platoon” took the first position in mobile category. In Poster/Concept Presentation around 35 teams were registered. Among them “Exception Handling” became the champion. Around 55 teams participated in Idea Prototyping contest. Among them the team of Shuvo Barman, MD.Tanjim Morshed, Md. Saiful Islam and Tanzila tabassum became the champion. In the Mathematics Olympiad among 295 registered students Imrul Hasan Jawad became the champion in senior category and Md Maksudur Rahman Noman became the champion in junior category. Among 813 students who participated in ICT Quiz, Sabik Sadman Rafid became champion. Tushar kumar argho became champion in Content/Story Writing competition by beating 114 participants. 428 participants participated in Programming Contest. Among them Md. Hafizur Rahman became champion in senior group and Pritom Mitchel Rodrigez became champion in junior category. Ashfak E Jamil Adib became champion in Networking Contest by beating 218 participants.

One of the biggest attractions of AIUB CS Fest 2017 was “Robo Soccer” competition. Those who participated in the completion made their own robots and connected it with their mobile app by which they played the matches. Around 28 teams participated in this exhilarating completion. Among them the team namely ‘Intellects’ became champion. Besides all the serious competitions the club also arranged some fun programs such as ‘Dart Board’ contest, ‘Murad takla’ contest, Rubik’s cube contests, Penalty shoot for girls in AIUB CS Fest 2017.

The fest held their prize giving and closing ceremony on 7th December 2017.The chief guest of ceremony was the Vice Chancellor of the university Dr. Carmen Z. Lamagna. All the Deans and Directors of different departments were also present in the prize giving ceremony. Vice Chancellor of the university Dr. Carmen Z. Lamagna distributed the prizes among the winners. Dr.Dip Nandi, Head of Computer Science gave gratitude to the board of trustees, Vice Chancellor, Office of Student Affairs, Sponsors, faculty members and all the students of the university. He showed his gratitude to all those hardworking people who made the fest successful. The fest ended by a remarkable concert performed by Nokshal, Chayapoth, AIUB Performing Arts club and famous young singer Minar.

The whole arrangement of AIUB CS Fest 2017 was arranged by AIUB Computer Club and supported by the Management. The club members were guided by Abhijit Bhowmik-Office of Student Affairs, Sharfuddin Mahmood-Office of Student Affairs and Saef Ullah Miah- the founder member of AIUB Computer Club. The hard work of these entire people made the fest successful. Besides Dynamic Solution Innovators (DSI), Therap, Infolink worked as sponsors in AIUB CS Fest 2017.The media partner of AIUB CS Fest 2017 was “RTV”,” Doinik Shomokal”, “The Daily Star”, “Radio Shadhin 92.4 fm”. The travel partner of AIUB CS Fest 2017 was Prochito Holidays. The platform sponsor of programming contest was Tof Dot Co.