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A Two Days Long Adobe Illustrator Workshop by AIUB Computer Club

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AIUB Computer Club arranged a workshop on ‘Adobe Illustrator’ on a two days basis, 6th September 2021 and 8th  September 2021 for its members. This graphic design workshop was a hands-on class that teaches fundamental skills. It includes exercises in design concepts, along with principles to help build confidence and awareness of guidelines and theories, and how they impact layout, type, and color. The workshop was conducted by the Former Assistant General Secretary, Design and Decoration of AIUB Computer Club, Urmi Sarker, Founder at Designeer – ডিজাইনিয়ার using the online platform “Google Meet”

Adobe Illustrator Workshop by Urmi Sarker | Image - 2

The host of the workshop Maliha Tasnuva, a member, AIUB Computer Club inaugurated the event at 7:30 pm by introducing the speaker Urmi Sarker. Ms. Sarkar started her first-day session by giving some in-shots about the illustrator software. She made attendees familiar with the differences between Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop in this part. Then Ms. Sarkar progressed the session with the basic tools of Illustrator and showed attendees how to use them. She also instructed attendees of the session on basic skills like content placing on an artboard, font choice, color gradings, etc. Finally, she made the workshop engaging with an on-spot banner design showing step by step of the whole process. She assigned attendees homework and an assignment after that.

Adobe Illustrator Workshop by Urmi Sarker | Image - 3

Adobe Illustrator Workshop by Urmi Sarker | Image - 4

Day 2 of the session started with the speaker of the session Urmi Sarkar, judging the homework and the assignment submitted by the attendees. Ms. Sarkar extensively judged every submission and advised the attendees by pointing every mistake on their submissions and providing its solution. She also took her time to listen to the problem faced by attendees in the process of doing their assignments and provided solutions. After all of that, Ms. Sarkar continued her 2nd part of the session on social media banner design. Like the previous session, she took the attendees through a step-by-step journey by designing an on-spot social media banner. Attendees came to know about detailed procedures of designs using illustrator by these live examples. Ms. Sarkar also made attendees familiar with some online tools to help them in their designing journey. In the end, Abhijit Bhowmik, Associate Professor and Special Asst., Office of Student Affairs, AIUB inspired attendees with some insights about the marketplace regarding this sector and future possibilities. He advises everyone to pursue their passion and commended the mindset of the club members of helping each other with knowledge.

Adobe Illustrator Workshop by Urmi Sarker | Image - 5

The workshop was a success with over 50 regular attendees and immensely positive feedback from everyone. Ms. Tasnuva concluded the workshop by thanking attendees for bringing a cheerful vibe with their attendance.