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ACC Development Week

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AIUB Computer Club (ACC) works with a vision to develop student’s skills and ability while giving them a proper directions to build up their career. From the beginning they have tried to do so by arranging  a lot of seminars on IT to give the students a glimpse of the way ahead of them and arranged workshops to build up and enhance their skills, so that they don’t lose the enthusiasm and push them forward to their goal.

ACC have arranged workshops on various topics to enhance their skills and to introduce them with the various paths ahead of them, so that they can choose their own topic and path to achieve their goals.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge “- quoted by Albert Einstein. In the world of modern technology nothing can be done without the power of imagination and we can make our world more colorful with our imagination even if it’s not for real but we can imagine it and make it happen with the help of graphical technology. ACC have arranged a workshop on Graphics Design with the title of “Color your creative imagination with AI & PS”, where participants were introduced with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and with their mighty power. The workshop was taken by Nabil Rashidul Hasan, Assistant General Secretary of Design & Deco, ACC with Shibly Islam, Alumni Student of AIUB & Alumni member of ACC, Graphic Designer, GRAFFiTi and Live Technologies Ltd. They have given the total view of these applications and what are the things we can do with the help of these and the career lies with it.

The world is becoming smaller day by day and we can reach any corner of it within a click in the web. We can go anywhere anytime even if not being there physically and all of these are possible because of web. This powerful web can easily be made with the help of WordPress and ACC have arranged a workshop on this topic to give the participants knowledge and the workshop was taken by Shoaib Ibn Abdullah, Alumni student of AIUB & Software Developer. In the workshop he discussed about the opportunities and the thrilling journey which lies in the making the web with WordPress and what can anyone achieve with it.

“Q: Why do java developers wear glasses??

 A: Because they don’t C#”

It’s nothing but a joke to tell but it’s also important to C#. Because it has a lot of benefits to C# and a lot of paths will be open for anyone if s/he know C#. It’s a great programming language to build your career around. ACC have also arranged a workshop on this to introduce students with this language and the powerful features it has which makes it so special. The workshop was taken by Niloy Eric Costa, Student of AIUB & Assistant General Secretary of PR ACC, Tawseef Khan, Student of AIUB & Vice-President of ACC and Rifat Jahan Azad, Student of AIUB & Campus Lead of Microsoft Student Partner.They give the participants a way around this language and shows them a lot of uses and benefits of the language. The title of the workshop was “Developing with C#: an introduction”.

Computer Science has a lot of paths to explore and Software Quality Assurance and Testing is one of those paths but a very few peoples know about that. ACC have arranged a workshop on that to notify the students about this sector of Computer Science. MD Shamsur Rahim, Alumni Student of AIUB, Alumni member of ACC & Software Quality Assurance Engineer, Enosis Solutions has taken this workshop and told everyone on the workshop about the sector and what can we do with Selenium, He also gave hand on training on Automation Tool(Selenium) and talked about the possibilities about the sector.

Web is becoming the most important thing day by day and we are getting dependent on it now-a-days. HTML & CSS are the building blocks of the web and we can do a lot of magical things with the help of these two. We can give a life to our ideas and designs with the help of web. Tawseef Khan, Student of AIUB & Vice President of ACC and Md. Hasibul Huq, Student of AIUB & General Secretary of ACC have taken a workshop on the topic and the title was “Learn HTML & CSS: give a live design of your dream”. They talked about the basics of the topics and gave the students a proper view how to make web with HTML & CSS and how powerful they are. They also talked about the possibilities of becoming a Web Developer.

Workshop helps student a lot to take the most important decision which is chose their aim as Seminars only going to make us motivated while workshop gave us hand on experience and a proper view of what lies ahead. It helps student to choose which way s/he want to go. ACC have tried, still trying and will try to arrange a lot of seminars & workshops to help students and everyone out there to notify about the paths and the thrilling journey of Computer Science and what can we do with the help of it.