ACC developers team


Assistant General Secretary
Research And Development
Assistant General Secretary
Research And Development

On 7th May 2020, ACC Devs started their journey. ACC Developers Team was founded to give the members of ACC a platform to learn and practice their development skills. The ACC Developers team encourages them to develop all sorts of Desktop, Mobile, and Web based applications. ACC Developers Team also manages ACC’s Websites and arranges necessary training sessions exclusively for their team members. Thus, making them one of the pillars of ACC.

The developer’s team has individuals for various areas as per their specialization. The individuals who have technical information are the first to spread that information through multiple meetings. Moreover, venture advancement work is done to ensure that individuals can clean their abilities through training.

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1. Regularly updates the ACC official website.

2. Develops websites for internal and national events of ACC. URL:;;;

3. Regularly organize workshops on website development and other related fields.

If you believe you are proficient with these skills, ACC Devs welcomes you to the team. Join the team to contribute with your skills.