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A Workshop on ‘Android Development’

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With the ever-growing popularity of portable devices, the demand for operating systems is going up without stopping. Keeping this in mind the AIUB Computer Club (ACC) arranged a workshop on ‘Android Development’ to make its member interested in this demanding sector and give them a bit of an edge. Abdul Al Mahmud Riaz, Junior Software Engineer, PencilTech and former Executive, BASIS AIUB Student’s Chapter led the session on 13th June, 2022 on the American International University-Bangladesh Campus.

Tanvir Ahmed, a general member of ACC commenced the workshop by giving a short introduction of the speaker, Abdul Al Mahmud Riaz. Mr. Riaz then started his session with a brief discussion on Android Operating System. He mentioned the workshop is being taken under the patronage of the Huawei Student Developers Community. Then he gave a brief demonstration on how to open a Huawei Developers account. Finally, Mr. Riaz continued the session with its main topic HMS Core Map Kit. After an introduction to the HMS Map, he talked about the use cases and features of the kit. Afterward, Mr. Riaz put on a demonstration on map creation in a system using the map kit. He discussed map type, location, etc. in this stage. He also described map interaction like icons and gestures on the system. There was also a time when he discussed drawing on maps. Mr. Riaz took an adequate amount of time to show the use of the Huawei Map Kit.

The session came to end with a Q&A session. The speaker, Abdul Al Mahmud Riaz spent quite some time answering all the questions he got from attendees. The workshop was adorned by the presence of 32 attendees and their participation.